06 March 2010


This post has been taken down.


Justin Bieber Shrine Artwork 1

I know how much you guys love collecting pictures of Justin so I'm going to make an addition to this site called the ART GALLERY. This is where I will display some artwork of Justin for you guys to look at and download if you want a copy. You won't find these pictures anywhere else on the net because I made them myself.

This will be a fan gallery so if you made any kind of artwork of Justin that you would like displayed at this site please let me know and I will put it up. A collage, mosaic, anything.

I'm not an artist and have never done this before so I'm amazed how great they turned out. These two pictures are my first creations. I hope you like them. Feel free to leave a comment.  :)

Justin Bieber Shrine Artwork 2


Baby Baby Baby No lip syncing please! You're so much better when he's performing live.

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