14 January 2011

JBShrine died because we didn't get any of your support. If you enjoy this site as much as you say or if you're new here and like what you see, then show us some love by helping us reach 300 RTs on this tweet.



Which huge Justin Bieber fan site claims to be owned by a teenage girl by the name of "Michelle" when in fact this "Michelle" (= Durian =  Zuhri = JBLover, yes they are the same person) is really a gay adult man posing as a Belieber?

So why is he hiding his true identity? Why does he have this website? And more importantly, why is it whenever you search for anything Bieber his site is always the first link?

And hello Mr. Muhammad Zuhri. You know we know who you are. ;)

Name this freaky Justin Bieber fan site.
Btw, we're close to 200 RTs. Hopefully we can have Shrine up and running in 2 days.

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