22 June 2010

Over the last few weeks, Justin Bieber has jokingly come on to Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole and Megan Fox.

But what kind of girl is the singer actually in the market for? Read closely, ladies, as Bieber revealed the traits that give him love fever in a recent interview.

"She needs to have a nice personality, a good sense of humour, nice eyes and a brain," he said. "What's the point of having a nice looking girlfriend if you can't talk to her? You want to be able to sit down to dinner and be with someone who you can have a proper conversation with."

Sorry, Kim. That takes you out of the running.

"I don't like girls who wear lots of make-up and you can't see their face. Some girls are beautiful but insecure and look much better without the make-up, but decide to put loads on."

Once again: very sorry, Kim.

Once Bieber has found a gal he wants to pursue, how does he work his game? The star shared:

"At first I won't let her know - you've got to pace yourself. Then, maybe by the end of the conversation, I'd ask her something like, 'Do you have a phone number that I could reach you at?' That's usually how it goes."


This article didn't mention the fact that JB also does not like girls with big sunglasses.


It can't get any bigger than that.

Sorry Kimmy. He wants brains, less makeup and small sunglasses. Three strikes and you're out.


Justin Bieber is turning into a man

So JB has confirmed he's going through puberty. Woo hoo! There's no doubt he's changed a lot in the last year. He looks older. His voice is lower and raspy now. Even a simple picture comparing him now and this time last year shows a big difference in his looks. The eyes have gotten sexier. The lips have gotten sexier. And just about everything has gotten hotter don't you think?

To show you how much he's changed in exactly one year's time, I dug out an old interview which I really like that took place exactly one year ago today, June 22, 2009, at The Bert Show on Q100, a local radio show in Atlanta.

If you're a new Belieber then this is one interview you have to watch. There's a lot of history in it.

Oh I'm gonna miss that sweet high pitched "One Time" voice. :(  But I'm looking forward to see how Justin Bieber THE MAN will look and sound like this time next year. HAWT!



Usher and Justin Bieber may not be headlining but, they are among the biggest acts slated to appear during this year's massive Summerfest in Milwaukee.

Kicking off Thursday, June 24, Summerfest, as it has done for several years, brings both chart-topping and rising talent together for an over week long line up of performances making it one of music's premier summer festivals.

According to organizers, music fans can purchase tickets now to 11 outstanding shows at the 23,000 seat Marcus Amphitheater including Usher and Justin Bieber performing June 30 and June 27 respectively.

Summerfest 2010 will take place June 24 –- July 4 from noon until midnight daily. The World’s Largest Music Festival and Milwaukee’s cornerstone summer celebration attracts the music industry’s hottest stars, emerging talent and local favorites.



Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter thought Justin Bieber was a girl

Though Justin Bieber has thousands of devotees around the world and becomes one of the biggest pop sensations, "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe admitted he knew little about him. Not that Radcliffe didn't know Bieber is a singer but he at first thought Bieber was a woman.

During a recent interview with MTV News, Radcliffe said, "I only heard Justin Bieber for the first time two weeks ago. I genuinely thought it was a woman singing." He continued, "I'd never heard it before. Is it big in England yet? I'm so out of the loop when it comes to pop culture that I kind of don't even try anymore." Meanwhile, Bieber has not yet responded on his comment.


Why does he keep calling JB "it"?



Justin Bieber kicks off his sold-out headlining tour "My World" on June 23, in Hartford, CT. Catch the Bieber fever with these fun facts about the tour!


- 10, 000 fries are consumed in one day.
- 75 Starbucks drinks are consumed in one day.
- Pre-show snack favorites include Sour Patch Kids and Gummy Worms.
- Dancers burn over 6,000 calories a show, EACH!


- 30 miles of cable are used in the show.
- 30 towels are used onstage for each show.
- 20 rolls of electrical tape are used in a day (1,110 yards of tape or 3,330 feet).
- 48,600 feet of gaffer’s tape will be used for the tour.
- 9 trucks are used to carry all equipment.
- 11 buses are used for all personnel.
- 32 tons/64,000 pounds of equipment are on the set.
- Over 500 cases are used for equipment.


- 75 hats are brought on tour by the dancers alone.
- Each dancer has their own hat case.

Stage Props

- 1 million pieces of confetti are used for each show.
- 10 disco balls fit in the “My World” globe.
- The metal heart prop weighs over 400 pounds.
- Highest in-air stunts are performed at 30 feet off the ground.


- 20 guitars will be used for the tour.
- 2-3,000 custom guitar picks will be used for the tour.
- 120 strings are used per week to restring the guitars.
- 15 drums are on stage each show.
- 14 sticks a week are used by drummer.


- On-Tour Video Game Favorites include the XBOX360 console and games include "Call of Duty-Modern Warfare," "NBA2K10," and "Madden."


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