10 February 2010

Screaming girls and mayhem, two things not unfamiliar to Canadian Pop/R&B sensation Justin Bieber, one of the hottest young stars on today’s music scene, who’ll make his first-ever appearance on ABC’s Emmy® award-winning talk show, “The View”, live, TUESDAY, MARCH 16 (11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, ET) on the ABC Television Network. Bieber will perform a song off his debut album, “My World,” and will be interviewed by the show’s five hosts.

“My World” was released in Nov. 2009 and has guest vocals from Usher, who signed Bieber to a record deal with Island Records and features “Favorite Girl,” “One Time,” “Love Me” and “One Less Lonely Girl.” Over 3,000 screaming girls attended his scheduled appearance at Long Island’s Roosevelt Field Mall, which later, due to chaos and crowd control, was canceled. Bieber has performed for the President and Mrs. Obama. Most recently he was a vocalist on the 25th anniversary remake of “We Are the World” to benefit Haiti. He sings the opening line of the song, originally performed by Lionel Richie in 1985.
Source: ABC

Justin Bieber on The View


Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber will undertake a monumental job next week. He -- or should it be said, his voice -- will be heard at the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. The announcement that the song We Are the World, Haiti will be revealed during the opening means Justin Bieber will be right in first place in his home country.

Canadian Justin Bieber from Stratford, Ontario was chosen to sing the first line of We Are The World, Haiti, much to the delight of his fans. So, technically, and even though he got that line way before it was decided that the song would be released at this international event, Justin Bieber is going to the Olympics. His singing and supporting the continued relief efforts for Haiti has been prominent during the past few weeks. Not only was Bieber involved in the the We Area The World Concert but the 15-year-old was also on hand the ‘SOS Help Haiti Concert (did you see that video – awesome to watch.)

Fans wonder if Justin Bieber will attend the Olympics in the flesh. No official announcement has been made that the singer will be heading to Canada to enjoy some winter weather and watch the best of winter sports. In addition, Justin is so hot, Olympics officials may need to concern themselves with the idea that Bieber might melt the ice if he shows up.

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