27 May 2010

Justin Bieber Spotted on a Lunch Date With Taylor Swift

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber has been spotted hanging out with country star Taylor Swift. Celebrity blogger Zack Taylor reported that the "Baby" hitmaker, who served as Taylor's opening act on her U.K.'s "Fearless" Tour in 2009, has recently taken the Grammy-winning singer out on a lunch date.

The twosome reportedly had a little friendly lunch date at The Pancake Pantry in Nashville on Thursday, May 27. There is no further detail shared on the lunch date. There is also no photo to supports the story so far. Nonetheless, the news came in just weeks after Justin was reported having a fancy dinner with another teen star Miley Cyrus at Ari-Ya Sushi in West Hollywood.



The managers of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber say they now focus their energies on YouTube and believe MySpace is finished as a vehicle to promote music. Lady Gaga manager Troy Carter says he will now specifically "create music videos for YouTube". Carter's statement breaks from tradition because music videos have historically targeted MTV and foreign markets.

Justin Bieber manager Scooter Braun told the audience at the TechCrunch conference that Bieber's career is typical of the way YouTube is shaping music. Bieber was discovered on YouTube and the strategy to promote him centred around creating more online content. Bieber's videos hit 55m views before he was signed by Universal Music. Braun says the process took so long because record companies thought that "without a TV show, you can't break a teenage star".

Carter points out that Lady Gaga began her career via MySpace four years ago, but Braun quickly added that "nobody does MySpace anymore". Both managers agree Twitter is a vital promotional tool because it helps break down barriers between the artists and fans.



Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber

Sean Kingston has revealed all about working with Justin Bieber on their new single Eenie Meenie.

Speaking to MTV News on the phone from the US the 21 year old explained how the track came about. Sean said:

“Me and Justin have been friends for the past two years. So one day he was like ‘yo’ and said he wanted to do a record with me.

“I was like ‘let’s do it, I’m ready!’ and he came down over the Superbowl weekend and slept over at my house. We banged out a couple of records and Eenie Meenie was definitely the most special one.”

The song hit number 17 on the chart on Sunday and is likely to rise even higher this coming weekend. Asked how well he gets along with the teen hearthrob Kingston explained:
“Justin’s definitely a cool kid, man. I’ve worked with a lot of people but he’s definitely one of the most fun and young, like he reminds me of myself ‘cause I’m just like a big kid at the end of the day. He’s very happy and energised and hardworking too.

“I was 17 years old when I came out. I definitely could be a big role model to him, like a big brother figure to him.”




OMG. This is from my local newspaper!

Police are warning teens and parents to be wary of sexual predators who use social networking sites such as Facebook after an Abbotsford man was charged with a sex crime involving a 14-year-old boy.
Jeffrey Goddard, 20, is charged with invitation to sexual touching. He was released on conditions, including restrictions on being around children and using the Internet, said Abbotsford police spokesman Const. Ian MacDonald.

Goddard, who lists himself as lead vocals for a country-rock band and a member of a Justin Bieber fan group on his Facebook page, said he likes "talking on the computer," among other hobbies.

MacDonald said the victim, also from Abbotsford, was contacted through Facebook, phone calls and in-person encounters.

Police first received a formal complaint about an adult posing as a police officer on Facebook and inviting 13-to-15-year-olds on a ridealong in a police vehicle, instructing them to meet him on the road and not to call the police station.

There had also been reports dating back to March that an older person was making contact with teens online, MacDonald said.

Further investigation led police to the 14-year-old and the allegations against Goddard.

MacDonald said parents and others need to be wary of the dangers of online social networking sites for children.

He said police "have evidence that adults inside and outside the community [of Abbotsford] have created an alternative or bogus persona" and are using those fake personas to engage in sexually-explicit conversations to hook their target.

"[Networks] offer a lot of benefits, but it's a double-edged sword and there are dangers as well as benefits," MacDonald said.

Police are looking for other victims and are asking others who have had similar encounters to contact them.


This is so sick!!

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This is my favorite performance from Justin.
So cute and talented.

Funny how on the day I post my favorite video (which is an old video) it ends up being posted on a handful of fan sites. Hey guys!

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