25 August 2010

Justin Bieber Is Fond Of Tour Mate Vita Chambers

It looks like pop sensation Justin Bieber has discovered what we knew all along: Vita Chambers is epic!

Pop’s current hot boy was snapped holding an autographed picture of the Like Boom singer while backstage on his current My World tour. Although Justin appears to be very fond of Vita (check out that face!), there isn’t anything for you Beliebers to be freaked out over just yet. Justin isn’t randomly showing his adoration to the young starlet, he’s supporting his tour mate. Vita is currently acting as the opening act on his tour.

If the two’s friendship did take a turn, we vote for Vilieber as their couple name.


Justin Bieber Is Fond Of Tour Mate Vita Chambers




In case you guys aren't from Canada.... Ontario has two hockey teams, Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs so there's an obvious rivalry. Growing up in Stratford, which is a 2 hours drive from Toronto, Justin has always been a Leafs fan. Dan Kanter on the other hand is from Ottawa so he supports the Senators.


With nearly 750,000,000 upload views in less than one year, JustinBieberVEVO has become one of YouTube's most viewed and controversial channels. Tween and teen girls have fallen head over heels for the teenage heartthrob and have helped Bieber establish a big presence in pop music despite limited radio airplay.

His fans have also helped him earn YouTube's most viewed video. After surpassing Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" video in July, Justin Bieber has recently surpassed 300,000,000 views with his video "Baby." Having been out approximately six months, "Baby" has accumulated an average of 50,000,000 views each month, over 1.5 million daily views

Justin Bieber's views can't be entirely credited to his fans. Currently, "Baby" has a ratio of 268,329 likes to 211,900 dislikes. Baby has a sizable advantage as YouTube's most viewed video, but it's entirely possible that the dislikes on the video could surpass the likes within the upcoming months. The comments section of "Baby" and other Justin Bieber videos are also bombarded with negative feedback from critics.

Justin Bieber hasn't been the most successful artist in terms of airplay and popularity. However, add up all the support he gets from his fans, the verbal hatred he receives from critics who loathe what he has contributed to the music industry, and the lack of indifference, Justin Bieber has become one of America's most controversial and recognized stars.


Stepping out for a promotional appearance, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were spotted dropping by “Lopez Tonight” last night (August 24).

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” babes chatted about the fifth season of their hit reality show, and Kim even talked a bit about her buddy Justin Bieber.

When asked of she’d date the “Baby” singer, provided he old enough, Kim said, “Yeah, if he was legal age. He definitely has this swag to him.”

And as for her Elle magazine spread with Justin, Kim noted, "I thought the shoot was all in fun, we had a good time. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on it."


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