10 September 2010

I told you he's never had a zit.



First they collaborated on "Eenie Meenie," and then they hit the road together on Justin Bieber's My World Tour. Now, the pair are set to release a mixtape together -- which Kingston teased would feature Biebs' sweet vocals and some rhymes.

"It should be out in, like, three weeks," Kingston told MTV News. "It's amazing! It's the exclusive. Justin Bieber, Sean Kingston, it's called Our World. It's amazing."

Kingston even teased a song or two fans will hear on the soon-to-be-released mixtape of covers. "We did [Travie McCoy's] 'Billionaire.' We did [Soulja Boy Tell'em's] 'Pretty Boy Swag.' We did so much stuff. We just took the beat over and made it our own."

In fact, Bieber, who has rapped at times, will be displaying his skills on the mixtape. "Yeah, he's doing some rapping," he teased. "[He's] pretty tight, nice for someone who doesn't do it that much."

Until the mixtape hits the shelves, Kingston is gearing up to support his pal at the VMAs, where Bieber is performing and up for Best New Artist. And he even has a date in mind. "I think I'm gonna [bring] my mom," he said. "After the VMAs, I drop her back off, and then it's time to party."

Speaking of that party known as the VMAs, the night's host, Chelsea Handler, admitted that Bieber's music really speaks to her. "He knows so much about romance," she said. "If you listen to the lyrics of 'Baby, Baby, Baby,' or is it just called 'Baby'? I have to say it three times, 'cause it makes my heart thump. He's obviously been around the block. I mean, I don't know why he's pretending he's not a sexual deviant, because he is."



Princess of Pop

Prince of Pop

Move over Britney. Seems like the paparazzi has a new target now.
They are now starting to follow him everywhere.

I guess this makes it easier for us to see what he's up to every day.



Justin Bieber plaid shirt sunglasses phone car

Maybe he's chatting with BFF slash crush Kim Kardashian! Check out the biggest music superstar in the world, Justin Bieber, stopped at a Bev Hills gas station earlier this afternoon. Afterward, he headed over to the Chateau Marmont for a business meeting.

Definitely the busiest kid in show biz! Must be partly due to that megawatt smile of his...

Check out more pictures at X17Online.





CBS released some behind the scenes footage of Justin Bieber as the teen was taping a cameo on ‘CSI’, which will air on the show’s season 11 premiere on Thursday, September 23rd. The clip features Justin and George Eads (Nick Stokes) talking about the two episodes in which Bieber plays a villainous teen boy. “Watching ‘CSI’ growing up was really fun for me,” Bieber said. “Me and my mom, just sitting in our apartment. I watched all the CSIs, ‘CSI: Miami’, ‘CSI: NY’, Las Vegas. I like it because you never knew what was gonna happen. Now that I’m on it, it’s pretty cool.”


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