15 December 2010



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Katy Perry is 'Over' Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber reaches out into the crowd to his fans as he performs at the 2010 B96 Jingle Bash held at the Allstate Arena in Chicago on Saturday night (December 11).

Katy Perry, who once crushed over Justin, 16, told OK mag that her crush on him has disappeared.

She shared, “I’ve said Justin Bieber was my celebrity crush quite a few times, but I think I’m over it now. I think it’s probably safe to say I married my celebrity crush [Russell Brand].”

10+ pics inside of Justin Bieber



Celebuzz just came out with their list of Justin Bieber Haters and guess who they included?

As legendary as Justin Bieber's meteoric rise to fame may be, the 16-year-old Canadian seems to have a big number of haters in addition to his millions of fans.

For whatever reason, Justin has become a target for many, especially on the Internet. Celebs have boldly (and proudly) declared to never have heard his songs. Hackers have built scripts to ban his name from your sight forever. Either way, Justin is succeeding like few before in the music business despite his growing numbers of haters.

Even sweet Selena Gomez at one time has spoken unkind words about the young Canadian. She told the BBC, "He's a dork. He really is. He's just not cool. I get it—when he has his swag on, he's definitely cool, he's got it going on—but when he doesn't, he's just funny."


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Ok she might not be sitting on Justin's lap but you know what I'm saying.
If this is how she eats breakfast with her 'little brother' - stuck to him -
I wonder what she's like during dinner.

Still trying to figure out if he has his arm around her.


Never knew Diddy was so funny.
Love Justin's new walk at the end. 
"Swag, Swag, Swag..."

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