12 February 2010

Justin Bieber dress up game

I need to stop playing this dress up game. But it's so cool! If you haven't tried it then try it out and dress Justin up the way you want to see him. You can even layer him up. Or just leave him naked! lol



serena said... [Reply]

hi im serena phulpagar you r like hot can u come to ky ang come to my school? my school is king elemtrey!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Justin, I love you and your music!! I would listen to it all day if I could!!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

justin, when my day starts out bad on the way to school i listen to ur cd my world 2.0 i already feel better but i also know ill have a better day just i cuz i listen to ur music and ur voice i cant wait to see you in july at memphis im SUPPER EXCITED i LOVE you FOREVER and ALWAYS ,(i love you so much)i would alsolove it if you came to my hometown called red bay AL amnd come to my scool hahah PEACE OUT love you lots , candice funderburk<33!!

Barbie DressUp said... [Reply]

Wow, and now Justin have it too. Well, Barbie still number 1 in dress up but this Justin dress up looks cool.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

omg i like really love u justin and i just wish i could meet u but unfortunatle i cant cuz im in Dominica

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Heyy, Im desi mcconnell and i totally love you and your music! Your music just makes me think of maybe those songs will be about me someday. u always make me happy if im having a bad day.i love u sooo much. ( And dont think im obsessing over u, please!)

rhamx023 said... [Reply]

wow! that was so cool! i love to see you dress any dress up..
i really love the way you in everything..
this is rham from Phil.. i'm your one biggest fun here.. everything in you justin was so addictive.. ahehehe...
i love your songs very much.. hope to see you soon here..
my phone was all over you, wallpapers,screensaver and everything was posted by your pictures.. love you much!!! take care and God bless to yuor career and family...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

justin i love you soo much. you are the best. i wish i could see you and talk to you in person

Anonymous said... [Reply]

he looks great as a cartoon as well why is he so cute

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i love juuuuussssssssssssssstiiiiiiiinnnnnn bieeeeeeber

jessica said... [Reply]

Justin i love you i want you to come to my school its Hilda Lahti Elementry you are really hot

jessica said... [Reply]

WOW Justin i love dress up it is so fun i really like to meet you in person really bad the song i love the song U Smile

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Uk isn't my primary language, but I can fully understand this when using the google translator. Good content, keep them coming! Appreciate it!

PAULA said... [Reply]

hi justine ?? im paula
im so excited to come on your concert in mall of asia on may 10 2011 .. and i want to be a VIP but i dont know how ?? i will celebrate my birthday on your concert.. and i want you to go in my school PHILIPPINES/MANILA/PARANAQUE SUCAT .. MY SCHOOL NAME IS PARANAQUE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL MAIN :) THE BIGGEST SCHOOL IN ASIA .. TNX

Justin games said... [Reply]

Lovely game. It seems that lately the net is packed with Justin bieber games, a wonderful trend in my opinion, since he is my favorite singer.

Dress Up Games said... [Reply]

I am very interested for the amazing and interesting Barbie Games.

asif said... [Reply]

hi ,he look nice great plus cute.

sajida moiz hussain said... [Reply]

hi Justin
i am sajida
i love u so much and iwant to meet u and talk to u in person and even want to hug u.

Brian Roberts said... [Reply]

Cool game you got there! IF you're into justin bieber games I can recommend this website- http://www.justinbiebergames.biz/Justin-Bieber-Dress-Up-Games/2.htm, they also have cool games, all of them are free.

kat??? said... [Reply]
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