02 January 2011

Can precocious teen superstar Justin Bieber get any more perfect?

The pop poppet 16-year-old Justin Bieber has taken to Twitter to tell us his thoughts about respecting woman.

And, as you'd expect from the shiny-haired hit factory, it's pretty profound.

Justin wrote:

Justin was raised by his single mother Pattie Lynn Mallette and has previously said she is his inspiration.

Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry have previous said they are huge fans of the Baby singer.

He's just so perfect!



Justin Bieber is more influential online than either Barack Obama or the Dalai Lama, according to findings from social media calculator Klout.

Klout adds together tweets, Facebook likes, pings, mentions on Google, status updates and other social media activity and to give a score out of 100, depending on how often what someone has said gets repeated by others online.

The website has been labelled by technology pundits as one to watch in 2011 and has recently been hired by Disney to carry out research on its behalf.

Bieber has the maximum score of 100, with his tweets being retweeted on average five million times each. Barack Obama scores 88, with his tweets being repeated just 250,000 times on average.


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