20 September 2010

Since the dawn of hip-hop, rappers have battled for respect and street cred. From Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G., to Nas and Jay-Z, feuds like these have fueled the rap game. Now, two new contenders have stepped into the ring: 50 Cent and Justin Bieber fans.

The Queens rapper had some harsh words for Beliebers when he found out that many of his own Twitter followers were also Bieber lovers. 50 Cent decided to provoke Beliebers and try to bully them away from his Twitter page.

“I'm a take my belt off and beat one of you little motherf**kers were your mama and daddy at anyway bad ass kids," tweeted the rapper. 50 Cent’s main beef with Bieber fans: he thinks they’re too young to follow him on Twitter. He warned, “I told you little motherf**kers don't be on my twitter you gotta be 18 and over this is the adult entertainment section.” But his concern for the well being of underage Twitter users didn’t stop him from repeatedly calling them a word we wont repeat here, but which loosely translates to “friend from the neighborhood.”

What’s with 50 Cent and bizarre web beefs? After Youtube star Sexman insulted 50 Cent, the rapper flew the teen all the way to New York for a combined video blog. Now he’s going after Justin Bieber fans? Most celebrities have an assistant manage their social media needs, maybe it’s time someone did the same for 50 Cent.

Despite all his enraged twittering, 50 Cent never actually insulted Justin Bieber. Smart move 50. That’s a line you don’t want to cross. In response to 50 Cent’s nasty tweets, Beliebers struck back in full force with an unprecedented amount of loathing replies. The loyal fan base stood up for themselves, making it clear to the rapper that even he can’t stand in between their love of the Biebs.

50 Cent survived a hard knock life, but can he make it past his latest feud with the Beliebers?

Oh fiddy fiddy fiddy. I think he's gone insane. What's the worst thing about 50 Cent? No not his music. It's his name. First off why just 50 Cent? Why not A Whole Dollar? And shouldn't it be Cents and not Cent? He's become a has-been and his popularity has gone down so much that I think he deserves a new name: "One Quarter" ahahahah.

Read the "10 MOST THREATENING TWEETS" from Beliebers. They are pretty funny.



Anonymous said... [Reply]

DANG, WUT A JERK!!!! HE DOESN'T NEED TO BE SOO HARSH! There r actually younger people out there who like/liked him. Without us he would be nothing. He needs to give the younger people some respect..like dang!!! Just for following him on twitter!?! That just shows u, he has anger problems. Ladies...NEVER DATE HIM! lolz :d

♡♥♫_lάuяęй__฿ęlię฿ęя_άkά_฿ię฿ęя_Løvęя♥ said... [Reply]

oh poor justin he not deserves it aww im reall upset oh poor justin

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