08 June 2010

Sean Kingston says Justin Bieber googles himself!
Sean Kingston opened up to MySpace in a revealing interview where he disclosed some of pop phenomenon Justin Bieber’s personal secrets. When asked if he ever Googles himself Sean replied “No, but Justin does that though, he loves to Youtube himself and Google himself, I’m not like that”. He also let out exclusively to his MySpace fans that the guys have been working on a further 4 songs saying “To be honest with you, we did like 5 songs together, I have 4 other songs with Justin Bieber that’s not Eenie Meenie” so keep your eyes peeled for future collaborations!



Justin Bieber tried to pull a fast one at a movie theatre this past weekend — and it didn't exactly work out for him.

On Saturday, at the Showcase Cinema de Lux at Patriot Place in Foxborough, Mass., “Justin was in general admission seating for the 2 p.m. showing of Get Him to the Greek,” an eyewitness tells Star. "He was with a bodyguard, his manager, Scott Braun, and another person. Justin snuck out of his seat and tried to get into the premium seating. The problem was that it’s only for people 21 and over. He was caught red-handed and turned away by the theatre manager!”

The Biebs, who’s only 16, whined to the manager, “Chuck E. Cheese sells alcohol and I have no problem getting in there!”

That line unfortunately didn’t work, and Justin, who was in town to open for Taylor Swift’s concert, went back to his old seat.

When called for comment, a theatre spokesperson said, “We will be happy to invite Mr. Bieber back — when he is of legal age to enjoy our premium seating!”



Vita Chambers: Tour with Justin Bieber!
Rising teen sensation Vita Chambers will be opening act for Justin Bieber’s second leg of his “My World” concert tour, sources exclusively tell JustJaredJr.com.

The 17-year-old Barbadian beauty will kick off her concert dates in Kansas City on July 2th and conclude on Sept. 4th in Allentown, Penn. Sean Kingston will also be hitting the stage!

Vita will be launching her new single “Like Boom” this summer — it’s currently featured in Nickelodeon’s summer image campaign. She’s currently finishing up her debut album, The Get Go, and performing at Bamboozle Road Show and Lilith Fair.



Justin Bieber can beat up the Jonas Brothers

Justin Bieber has claimed he could win a fight with all three of the Jonas Brothers.

The 16-year old, who is said to be feuding with the trio insisted that he would definitely beat Kevin, Nick and Joe if they ever came to to blows.

Bieber told Top of the Pops magazine: “Oh, I could take all three Jonas Brothers…I’m a beast!"

The Never Let You Go singer added: “Supposedly there’s a war between my fans and Jonas Brothers fans, but basically we’re all friends. I love you all, but why do you guys have to fight?”

Justin, who appeared at 95.8 Capital FM's Summertime Ball with his mentor Usher over the weekend also confessed that he loves being famous…because he doesn't have to go to school.

Bieber said: “School sucks! I want my world to be fun. No rules, no parents, no nothing. Like, no one can stop me!”

Well, Justin may have met his match in the form of Miley Cyrus after she revealed in an interview with Graham Norton that she was wanted to kill him after he pranked called her in the middle of the night.



Some Biebers do not want attention while others do

Just a year ago, Winnipeggers Pat and Al Bieber were leading a quiet life. When the phone rang, it was one of their children or friends calling. They liked it that way.

Then a 15-year-old boy whose father lives in Winnipeg became a singing sensation. The Biebers' phone started to ring. And ring. And ring.

"Oh my gosh they call from all over the country," says Pat. "We've had hundreds of calls. Last summer was very busy."

The couple are not connected in any way to 16-year-old Justin Bieber, pop star and heartthrob to 'tween girls. In fact, Pat Bieber has a ready response to the young callers.

"They only have to say, 'Are you related to...' and I fill it in for them," she says.

The couple decided to keep their phone number. At least two other Biebers in the phone book have changed their number or gone unlisted. Sharing the last name of an international phenomenon, especially in a city as small as Winnipeg, can be a curse.

Guy Bieber, the CEO of Bieber Securities, says his phone number, thank the Lord, has been unlisted since 1982. "I've never been more thankful I made that decision," he says. His brother Greg is listed. He's been getting calls at home. Guy Bieber says things could be worse. "I understand he's a nice kid."

Bieber adds that his daughter, golfer Stacey Bieber, is prepared to be inundated with questions about Justin when she hits the circuit this summer. The family surname has been usurped by the singer. (Note to oblivious adults: Justin Bieber is huge. He's the Davy Jones, Leif Garrett or George Michael of his time. He's cute as a puppy and little girls adore him. He has great hair. He'll be performing at the MTS Centre September 14. Tickets go on sale Friday. Consider yourselves warned).

Justin's father Jeremy and his wife Erin are not shy about their claim to the boy. Jeremy's Twitter name is LordBieber. Erin's name is BieberMommy. The couple have two young children together, Jazmyn and Jaxon. Justin, as ardent fans will know, was raised primarily by his mother.

But in this fleeting time of Biebermania, every tenuous connection becomes a clue for fans who pore over fanzines and get swoony at the thought of a face-to-face meeting. Many ne'er-do-wells have created false Facebook names, claiming to be Bieber or one of his family members. Someone is impersonating a five-year-old boy named Ryan Bieber, for example. His corked-off dad (and uncle to Justin) has made it clear the preschooler does not have a Twitter account.

But the ardent need only read the Twitter pages of Justin's mother, father and stepmother to feel like insiders. For that matter, they can follow the real mop top.

Here are a couple of tweets from Justin's stepmom:

"@justinbieber your dad and i really needed that visit too. We love you so very much and hope we can start making more time for more memories;"
9:03 AM May 31st via web

"@justinbieber what you did for your little sister this weekend was wonderful. She is missing you today. We love you and are so proud of you"

It's almost like having a party line, isn't it?

Jeremy Bieber, in addition to tweeting about buying Slurpees and visiting McDonald's, shares photos of Justin alone and with his two step-siblings.

Justin rings with birthday wishes for his dad.

It's all completely ordinary except dad lives in Winnipeg and son rules the world.

If you meet a Bieber in Winnipeg and his first name isn't Jeremy, don't even ask the question. And if you do meet LordBieber, give me a call.

I've got a 16-year-old daughter. Justin seems like a nice boy. She could do worse.

Ummm, I don't think Jeremy's gonna be giving you a call lady. Not after you make him and his wife look like attention seekers.


Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. (<A HREF="http://www.wenn.com" TARGET="newwindow">WENN.COM</A>)
Miley Cyrus was furious with fellow teen star Justin Bieber after he flooded her phone with prank calls during her trip to London.

The Hannah Montana star lost her temper after the 16 year old repeatedly phoned her in the middle of the night - and now she has vowed to get even with the Baby hitmaker.

She tells U.K. talk show host Graham Norton, "He prank called me, not realizing the time difference yesterday, at like three o'clock in the morning. I was about to kill! He kept ringing!

"I was yelling because I thought it was someone that got my number; my number gets out. So I changed my number and he kept pranking me.

"I really did believe it was a kid or something so I was like, 'I can't really yell 'cause I think it's a kid but I'm not really sure.'

"Finally, I was like (shouting), 'It's three o'clock in the morning!' He was like, 'Ha ha ha ha, it's Bieber. Call me back.' I was like, 'Oh my gosh, I'm going to hurt this kid.' My little sister loves him, but I'm going to kill him."



I found the interview:

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