31 December 2010

On behalf of Mark and the admins on JBShrine and the Facebook fan page, I want to wish you all a happy new year. After close to 3000 posts since our first on Feb 8th, this one will be our last of 2010.

It's been quite a year. The craziness that's gone on for Justin can't even be put into words. From a nobody to syphilis, dead, Jasmine V, American Music Awards, dead, King of Twitter, Youtube and Google, dead and now Selena Gohome, no one's been in the news more in 2010 than Justin. And for us that's a good thing.

I also want to say thank you to our readers for sticking around with us eventhough you might not always agree with what we have to say. JBShrine wouldn't be a blog if we hide or sugarcoat things. As long as you know that we do things with honesty, that's what counts. Thanks for understanding. And for those that agree with everything we say then thanks a lot more than those people we just thanked. kidding

So have a happy new year and stay tuned for more great things to come in 2011.


Justin and Selena frolicking on the beach in St. Lucia

Justin and Selena frolicking on the beach in St. Lucia

OceanUp posted these 2 pics of Justin and Selena vacationing in St. Lucia. Couldn't make up my mind whether to post the top pic or not given that so many people are calling the top picture fake. With that kissing picture causing so much doubt, every pic of them together is now seen as possibly fake. Either that or people are just wishing their hardest that any picture of them having fun together is fake.

OceanUp themselves weren't sure so they went on Twitter to ask Beliebers whether they think the pic is fake. OceanUp has now removed that pic from their website.

People are calling this picture fake because apparently the bikini Selena is wearing is one she wore 2 years ago. That really is not a good enough to say it is fake unless Selena only wears disposable bikinis. So I'm putting the picture up to see if anyone has a better idea of whether this pic truly is fake. Thousands of Justin and Selena fans will be reading this post so I'm sure if it is fake then someone would be able to point it out within the next 24 hours.

I, again think the pic is real, but of course I don't know. I've checked a handful of message boards and sites and no one has yet said anything that proves without a doubt that it is fake. Can you?


Justin Bieber Us Magazine Collectors Edition

A JBShrine exclusive


Justin Bieber gave Selena Gomez her first diamond bracelet

OMG! An insider tells us Justin is so in love with Selena, he gave the Disney starlet her first ever diamond…can you believe it?

Justin Bieber may be younger than Selena Gomez, but he’s doing everything in his power to win her heart. He knows diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so he went all out with her Christmas gift!

“It’s not an engagement ring, but it’s a diamond bracelet to signify that she is his,” an insider tells HollywoodLife.com of the lavish Christmas gift Justin, 16, gave to his 18-year-old sweetheart.

Our source adds, “They’re totally together. They’re attached at the hip. You can’t keep these two apart. She was so touched and taken aback. But, she loved it. It’s the first diamond that anyone has ever given her. He wanted to take their relationship to the next level. He’s really smitten with her. They connect on so many levels.”

Despite their busy work schedules, Selena and Justin have made time for each other all over the country, and New Year’s Eve won’t be any exception! Our insider says Justin is spending the holiday with his family, but that Selena will be with him for their midnight kiss.

Will Justin and Selena be the hottest couple of 2011?


Of all things he bought her a diamond bracelet? Hmmmm....let me guess, it's supposed to replace her purity ring that she no longer wears?

Booyah!! Told y'all but you didn't believe me.


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in St. Lucia

I heard 2 days ago that he was on his way to St. Lucia. 
I didn't know big sister was coming along too.

Who still thinks they're not more than friends?

Think about this tweet one more time.

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