23 May 2010


If you're a long-time Belieber you should already know of BieberZone.

BieberZone is run by Rowan & Ilse from the Netherlands. They don't have a fan site or blog but they support JB in a very different way. BieberZone is responsible for some of the best Justin Bieber videos you find on Youtube (subscribe to their channel BieberZone2). Many of their videos have been featured on JBShrine and their latest videos can be found in the MUSIC CHAT ROOM.

They are the people behind Twieber, a Twitter for Beliebers. If you don't know what Twieber is then go check it out and sign up.

Welcome BieberZone!


Comet Cutie Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber dances it out on stage as he performs at the VIVA Comet 2010 Awards held at Koenig-Pilsener-Arena in Oberhausen, Germany on Friday night (May 21).

After the award show, the 16-year-old musician headed up to Bangor, Wales to perform at Radio 1’s Big Weekend on Saturday (May 22).

A lot of you spotted Justin’s seagull tattoo while he was playing some football on the beach a few weeks back and MTV got the scoop on it’s special meaning.

Brian Byrne, the co-owner of the Son of a Gun Tattoo and Barbershop where Justin got the tattoo back in March dished, “From what I can gather, I guess a bunch of people in his family actually have that same tattoo, his dad included.”



The Ugly Justin Bieber Picture Ever

Where am I? What is going on here?

What would make him wanna do a face like that on stage? LOL

Even the backup dancer is scared.



Hi guys,

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"And yah his jeans is skinny but I'm sure his pocket's fat" lol. Somehow I think you have to have fat pockets to purchase JB's kind of skinny jeans.

With all the haters out there it's refreshing to see some love for JB from not just a guy, but from a brother (brother means black guy for those who don't already know). A straight, black, male who claims to be a huge Justin Bieber fan. It's as rare as they come. ahahaha

What do you think of Devin's rap for Justin? Devin is a visitor of JBShrine so he'll be reading any comments you guys leave.


My pocket ain't deep  :\

Watch what Soulja Boy has to say about working with JB.


Justin Bieber does not want to be normal

"People ask me, 'Do you wish having a regular life?' And I'm like, 'You know, not really.' ... Just regular people, they're like, 'Maybe I want to be famous,'" he explained.

The teen star admits: “I try to spend as much time with my friends and just be a regular kid as I can on top of work.”

The Baby singer also admitted in an interview with the Associated Press that if he wasn’t a performer, he’d "probably work at McDonald's or something".

The 16-year-old described the challenge of balancing his studies and work as “kind of hard”, but he also explained that he gets some educational opportunities on the road.

"If I'm going to the White House and I'm in there doing a tour and stuff, that's like school."


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