21 July 2010

At 12, Petaluma's Olivia DeGraca already stands five-foot-nine. Every inch came in handy when the basketball/volleyball player, her mom and two pals saw Justin Bieber (either you know all about him or, like me, you had to Google him) last weekend at a sold-out concert at Oakland's Oracle Arena.

Standing in an aisle amid a sea of swooning girls, Olivia's height improved her view of the Canadian singer who, at just 16, has starred on “Saturday Night Live” and on the most-watched YouTube video in history.

So there Olivia was, a few feet from the stage, when Justin removed his New York Yankees cap to reveal his famed early-Paul McCartney head of hair. Thousands of girls went wild as he flung the hat (fitted, size 7 1/4) into the crowd.

And it landed right in Olivia's hands.

“She had an oh-my-God look on her face,” said her mom, Kim DeGraca. Security guards quickly appeared to escort Olivia and the cap from the aisle to her mother and her seat 15 rows back.

“That's when the mob started for us,” Kim said. A swarm of girls wanted to see the cap, touch it, have their photo snapped with it on their heads.

“It got to be too much,” said the mother of the mobbed Kenilworth Junior High seventh grader. As the concert ended, Kim stuck the hat in her purse.

But the pursuit continued. Fans followed Kim and Olivia and Olivia's friends Carmen Gonzalez and Alexandra Garaventa to the car. Some tapped the windows, pleading to see Justin Bieber's cap.

The Petalumans arrived safely home and, in the quiet of her own room, Olivia beheld her prize. She's thinking she'll place it in a wood-and-glass shadowbox, along with photos of herself and Justin.

The box will cost some money, but not much compared to the protective moat the DeGraca's had better dig around the house.




Just how long did it take Justin Bieber fan stories to start flooding the new Facebook Stories site? A little over an hour.

At 9:23am this morning (Pacific), Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg commemorated the social network reaching 500 million users by launching Facebook Stories, a sub-section of the site where users could share their Facebook-related tales. Around 10:45am (Pacific) or so by my watch, Bieber-mania has hit Stories. Eyeballing the Stories page, it appears that posts exuding praise over the young internet singer-celebrity far outnumber any other type of Facebook Story (like "Love" or "Friendship").

Justin Bieber 'My Page Crashed Facebook'
image via OceanUp


Sorry, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga: Your 15 minutes are coming to an end — at least if guys have anything to say about it. In its annual Great Male Survey, AskMen.com polled more than 2,000 adults across the Web and discovered that The Biebs and Gaga are the most-overexposed celebrities today — beating out Twilight’s Robert Pattinson, shamed sportsman Tiger Woods, and poof-lovin’ Jersey Shorer Snooki.

Bieber and Gaga have found themselves neck-in-neck in a number of public polls in recent weeks. Last month, the “One Less Lonely Girl” hitmaker replaced Gaga as the most-searched person on the web. More recently, Bieber’s “Baby” video replaced Gaga’s “Bad Romance” as the most-watched video on YouTube.

Which overexposed Hollywood notables would you like to send on an extended vacation?



Oh that voice.


Justin Bieber made a video thanking Popstar! readers for voting for him in the Popstar! Awards, which the Canadian pop singer was a winner of in the categories Favorite Male Singer, Music Video for ‘Baby’, Song for ‘One Time’, Album, Male Hottie, Male Style Idol, Male Newcomer, and Celeb Site – JustinBieberMusic.com. Full details are in the megazine’s August issue.




He plays guitar and writes his own songs!! I'll just crown him as:


Me singing Justin Bieber cover. I really like this song and want to share it with you guys.
Hope you like it :)

This is a norwegian song written by me.
My first upload :). Hope you like it.
He seems like a naturally born entertainer. So much eye contact and smiling to the camera.




Perez and JB, after his Los Angeles concert on Tuesday night.

The show was even more fun than this pic!

We were truly impressed!

Kid's got swagger! A great show to put on for his very first tour!

Here's to more from Justin Bieber in the future!

BTW, Demi Lovato and her sister also attended the Los Angeles concert.


Google has revealed that they have indexed more than 10 billion images. These images are accessible from their image search engine which has just received a major update.

The company added that their image search engine receives around a billion page views everyday and that the top searches are as followed:

1) Haiti
2) Ke$ha
3) Justin Bieber
4) Nicki Minaj
5) Avatar


It's time to make your dreams become a reality. No need to lie, we know all about your fantasy to date super mogul Justin Beiber, fall madly in love, and have like ten million of his babies. We think we have the key to get you in the door of Bieber's heart!

If fate places you opposite superstar Justin Bieber, his good friend and opening act Jessica Jarrell has some advice for you. In a recent interview with HollywoodLife.com the singer confirms that her and Justin are strictly friends only. When asked if they will ever move out of the friends zone, Jarrell exclaimed, "No, no. Never. Absolutely not!"

So, with Jarrell safely out of the way, here are some tips on how she thinks you can win over the Biebster!

  • If you ever meet him, smile. He loves a girl's smile.
  • Be yourself.
  • However you are, just be that way.
  • Don't be someone you're not.

Thanks for the info! Now that you are locked and loaded with helpful information on how to score a date with Justin, head out there and go get 'em, but don't forget to smile! Bieber and Jarrell continue to tour North America and will be rocking the West Coast this week before heading back east.



Justin Bieber has become hip-hop's favorite stepchild. The teen pop star has cemented a friendship with fellow Canadian performer Drake, landed collaborations with Ludacris and his label boss Usher, and recently won the praise of the Game. if that wasn't enough love from the hip-hop community, Bieber has now finagled his way into Dr. Dre's studio.

To the surprise of hip-hop fans, the 16-year-old took to Twitter on Monday to announce his one-on-one session with the legendary West Coast rapper/producer. "Also got to be in the studio with the legend himself Dr. Dre ... made a couple beats and he gave me some advice ... I was hyped. Can u blame me?" he wrote.

We have a little trouble visualizing the exchange between the two, but we can only hope that Bieber encouraged Dre to get back to work on his forthcoming album 'Detox,' which has been over a decade in the making.

Dr. Dre is a legendary music producer. He helped launched many big careers in hip hop and is the secret behind the success of people like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac. I got my fingers crossed that Scooter doesn't waste this opportunity and get Dr. Dre to produce a track for Justin's next album and maybe throw in a 'featuring Nicki Minaj'. That would be hot.

Hopefully something like this awesome Baby remix:


Teen sensations Brenda Song and Justin Bieber have reportedly inked a major endorsement deal with an upcoming candy in the works.

The candy the sensational young stars have supposedly agreed to endorse is the tentatively titled, Vuvuzela Balls, which is yet to be released.

The candy is set to be distributed by the popular German confectionery producer, Haribo. In addition, the candy brand's name is not set in stone according to recent reports from the company.

The candy is developed by Hans Von Stuppenhauser, a German candy confectioner. Stuppernhauser is reportedly developing the candy to attract children and the pre-teenage market, which Bieber and Song are immensely popular in. The product Stuppenhauser is creating is set to become a major Haribo product and will have numerous new flavours.

Bieber and Song will appear in a worlwide campaign for Haribo's upcoming candy. Song, the star of Disney's hugely popular The Suite Life on Deck and Bieber, the popular 16-year-old pop singer, are both obliged to appear in commercial spots for Haribo together. Moreover, the American sensations will be paid millions for the high profiled endorsement deal with Maribo.


Even though this is coming from the Examiner, I'm pretty sure this story is not try. This story was originally posted a while ago on a website that is known for making up fake stories. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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