17 July 2010


Sean Kingston chatted w/ Popstar! about BFF Justin Bieber.

Were you nervous when Justin drove your Ferrari?

-I was freaking out at first, No, Bieber don't crash my car! But then I was like it's Justin Bieber so if he does crash it, he can hand over a nice check and I'll go buy a whole new Ferrari, a newer one! That kid is 16. He had his permit. It was great.

What is it that makes Justin so cool?

-Justin is so humble and so charming! You gotta love him! My mom says she wants to pack him up in her suitcase and keep him! Nah, he's a good dude. That's my little brother, man.

What is the best part of writing songs with Justin?

-I could write anything and he'll make it sound way better because his voice is so amazing! I could write a song that says, 'Blah, blah, blah' and he'll put his tone it and it would sound amazing. It would be a number one hit record!

Hmmm. I wondering if Popstar asked Sean Kingston any Sean Kingston questions.


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Marcin Dolecki:  I ;-) I made song and video about "Bieber Fever" syndrome. I hope You like it ;-)

Thanks Marcin. I like it. Must have taken a long time.


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