08 October 2010

Justin Bieber is just another typical teen!

Sources say the 16-year-old superstar has his own secret stash of Playboy magazines!

Bieber apparently brings the glossies along with him on tour.

“He has a couple issues that he and the guys look through when they are bored on the road,” a source said.

“They take turns being responsible for them, and have a little game of who can get caught carrying them first.”

Bieber recently revealed he wants ot make friends with British actor Robert Pattinson.

“I love talking to girls and going on dates. My ideal wingman would be Robert Pattinson,” he said.

“We should go to a few showbiz parties and see what happens. He landed back in Los Angeles last week, so maybe we can go and work some of the magic. Robert says his hair is a great ice-breaker so maybe we can go up to girls and be like, ‘Do you wanna touch our hair?’ How about that for an opening line?

“The girls go crazy for him over here but I have a big thing for English girls so maybe we could hit a couple of parties in London as well.”



Since Justin is rumored to be on Wrestle Mania it's appropriate that someone make this video. The only problem? This video is made by haters. :\ This video is nothing though. I'll post another hater video later today which I'm sure you'll all hate more than this.


Love Justin Bieber more than anything in the world ever!! Now you can wear him on your nails!! Justin Bieber nail polish is coming your way!!

The One Less Lonely Girl collection will have six shades: One Less Lonely Glitter (pale purple), Prized Possession Purple (grape), Give Me The First Dance (silver), Me + Blue (metallic blue), O.M.B! (metallic red) and Step 2 the Beat of My Heart (heart shaped specks).

You can find the nail polish will at Wal Mart stores at the end of the year, then Target and Sears in February.

new Justin Bieber The Nail Polish 2010 pics

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