05 May 2010

After causing chaos (and kiiinda making a fool of himself) down under, Justin Bieber is back in Los Angeles. We caught the 16-year-old teenybopper king catching a screening of Kick-Ass at the Arclight in Hollywood last night, and even though the flick is rated R, it looks like someone let it slide. But where was his date?! I mean, I guess his bodyguard counts, since he was the fellow who got JB into the movie...

What a dick?

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As a baseball fan you can go to a lifetime's worth of games and never get the chance to catch a foul ball. Justin did just that on his 'first pitch' appearance in Chicago. But instead of keeping it (and probably making a ton of headlines) he handed it to a fan.....
As if his pop music weren't gift enough to the world, teen mega-sensation Justin Bieber proved his generosity yet again at Monday's White Sox game.

Bieber was there throwing out the first pitch, ahead of a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show in support of his upcoming album. (Watch video of Bieber's pitch.)

But in the third inning, a Paul Konerko fly ball headed Justin's way. An 18-year-old fan, Alex Rittel, jumped out of his seat to try to corral the pop-up, but it bounced off Rittel's hand and into the pop star's box.

The Sun-Times has the story:

"I jumped up and tried to grab it, but it tipped off my fingers and went into [Bieber's] suite. I was like, 'Oh, man, that's a bummer.' Then, the next thing I know, he walks up to me and says, 'Here you go, man.' "

Rittel asked Bieber -- an Internet sensation who recently became the youngest male solo artist to have a No. 1 album on the Billboard chart -- if he could sign the ball. After borrowing a pen, the shaggy-haired teen icon obliged.

"I took the ball to school today to show everyone. So many girls were jealous. So many girls."


Now how sweet is that?



Is it even possible? YES!

Life & Style reports that Justin is looking to add some muscle to his frame with celeb trainer Danny Musico.

An insider dished to the mag, “He’s at the prime age to take advantage of what his young physique is capable of.”

Another source added, “He wants to make the transition from teenybopper to full on heartthrob. Just like Nick Lachey and Justin Timberlake did.”

SO HAWT!! I can't wait to see the six pack and pecs. Can you?


Getty Images, Splashnews.com
That’s my little man. I helped bring that youngster up in the game. I was one of the first ones to kind of co-sign him. My man Usher discovered him, from then I was like, ‘This little kid is the truth. Mariah loves him. He’s an entertaining, cute little kid. I love kids!”

- Nick Cannon, May 4th, 2010

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