26 November 2010

Justin Bieber - PRAY [Official Music Video]



brooke.x said... [Reply]

i am not kidding,
i am crying right now this is such
a heartfelt song and it means so much,
and seeing so many people in pain
and sadness breaks my heart i wish all people
were as helpful as justin is,
love you justin,

god bless.


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Oh my god i'm crying right now!
this is so sad! he's such a good person. he really cares!

Carolin said... [Reply]

Omg I really agree with brooke & Anonymous (lol) , He is an AMAZING person, how can someone hate on him`? He's such a good-hearted guy and he really loves people & cares about everyone, <3

Anonymous said... [Reply]

im cring somuch right now he has such a wonderful heart !!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

:n i was crying soo much, my sis came see if something happened to me, Justin is such a kind hearted person!!!! love ya!

madison said... [Reply]

I am not joking with you

this is the most i've cried in SO long!

it is such a good song and for

him to go all out with a song

to express how he feels about

starvation and soldiers

makes me fall even more in love with him

considering my cousin is

going to war in the very near future

it's a sad thing to think about

but when jb puts it this way

it helps me to smile..... :d

nur ardilah husna said... [Reply]

really love this song . <3

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