26 November 2010

bieber justin book signing justin bieber

Justin Bieber spent Thanksgiving with a day off to spend time with his family and friends, but today he was back in full force. He had a book signing in New York City, and showed his fans how much they really mean to him.

As you can imagine, thousands showed up to get a glimpse of the sixteen-year-old kid, and if they were lucky enough, get his autograph. Bieber decided to stir things up and show them that they’re what drives his inspiration and so he decided to stay longer. His manager, Scooter Braun, tweeted, “its kinda funny watching all this go down. but the good news is he decided to let an extra 1000 kids into his signing. Way 2 Step UP lil man.”

Bieber then tweeted after the signing, “finished the signing in the NYC. had to show love. we let 1000 more people in. Love yall. wish i could let the whole world in.”

Did you get Bieber’s autograph today?


What an appropriate question considering what happened yesterday. Just want to take a moment out and apologize to anyone who got screwed over because of the cancellation notice. Sorry guys. But we don't make things up here. We only report what we know as soon as we know it. <3



CJ said... [Reply]

woah his hair looks wierd lol

Anonymous said... [Reply]

He looks a whole lot matured like this... Sexy! Haha.. LOVE his new hairdo!

Meg said... [Reply]

This book signing was terrible! We waited outside in the rain for 13 hours... we were the LAST people they let in the door only to be told there were no more books. Then they miraculously found one "more book".
Then we go upstairs for our picture to be told he was "done" and he "left"... REALLY?!?!
So then like some magician... he miraculously appears! Well done sir!!
There was a girl that had snuck up in our group but she was not with us... well she had already been up once and all of his staff thought WE had been up already too! So they were so rude to us... AS WAS BIEBER.
It was really a terrible experience for me and my little sister. I know there were hundreds of other girls that just thought he was wonderful... I just wish he could have saved some of that wonderful and showed it to ALL of the fans!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Sorry you had a bad experience, but try to put yourself in his shoes. He let 1,000 more people come in than was allowed and then he stayed until everyone was seen and then you come with return girl who spoils it for you. Can you imagine how many people he saw that day? By the end of the day... everyone looks alike. Spread the love and forgive.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

He looks so mature and grown up!! AND SUPER SEXY! Ilove his new hair sytle and his Bushie Eyebrow :) <3

Anonymous said... [Reply]


You can't always blame him for his mood. Tried to be in his shoes for one day, if he does at least 1 THING WRONG he gets bitched at. But with you, that is a nobody, and like me, it wouldn't matter. I feel quite terrible for Justin but at the same time than he what he dedicated himself to for the rest of his life. And I'm sorry you had a bad experience.

http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Offical-Bieber-Fever-Page/121916151206555 :) join

Anonymous said... [Reply]

best day of my life. He goes "hey whats your name" "sarah (:" "Hi sarah how are you precious?" "Good and you" "(smiles widely and says) "Great" (took the picture and he grabs me and hugs me) and says "Bye sarah" and smiles!!!!!! i cried so much after that! and he put his arm around my waist! I kept telling myself "dont cry dont cry dont cry" hahah

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