26 November 2010

Justin Bieber "The Today Show" appearance Nov 26, 2010

OMG!! This is the first time he refused to answer the girlfriend question. Why?

If he didn't have someone (cough Jasmine V) then he would have said "no"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What happened to "single and ready to mingle"?? Mingle damnit! Mingle!



Anonymous said... [Reply]

i thought he was doing the book sighning in nyc? if that was really cancelled do u know why? please get back to me before i go camping out for nothing LOL u can get back to me by emailing me on gabbyc0528@aol.com thanks so much !

Anonymous said... [Reply]

@Anonymous did you get a answer from them ??

Cory said... [Reply]

Hes not on there thanksgiving day hes on there Black Friday,,, Todays thanksgivig haha

Daisy said... [Reply]


Thanks Cory. I'm Canadian. Our Thanksgiven was last month. It's the only holiday our two countries don't share.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

was he supposed to preform??

Anonymous said... [Reply]

he's joking around. he tweeted that he wanted to stir things up and he has.

Caroline said... [Reply]

he didnt sing... im so sad :( i was hoping he would sing pray

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I wonder why he didn't say anything about being single :n
I HATE Jasmine VillegASS!!! She has trown all my dreams in the Trash!

brooke.x said... [Reply]

its not about jasmine anymore!
its about freaking selena gomez,



Anonymous said... [Reply]

no i still think its about Jasmine V. My theory tho is that he was supposed to spend Thanksgiving with her and they got in a fight (or broke up) and he chose to spend it with Selena. Did you see Jasmine's emo tweet before?

There might be trouble in paradise....


Anonymous said... [Reply]

In which do you see that design?

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