31 December 2010

Justin and Selena frolicking on the beach in St. Lucia

Justin and Selena frolicking on the beach in St. Lucia

OceanUp posted these 2 pics of Justin and Selena vacationing in St. Lucia. Couldn't make up my mind whether to post the top pic or not given that so many people are calling the top picture fake. With that kissing picture causing so much doubt, every pic of them together is now seen as possibly fake. Either that or people are just wishing their hardest that any picture of them having fun together is fake.

OceanUp themselves weren't sure so they went on Twitter to ask Beliebers whether they think the pic is fake. OceanUp has now removed that pic from their website.

People are calling this picture fake because apparently the bikini Selena is wearing is one she wore 2 years ago. That really is not a good enough to say it is fake unless Selena only wears disposable bikinis. So I'm putting the picture up to see if anyone has a better idea of whether this pic truly is fake. Thousands of Justin and Selena fans will be reading this post so I'm sure if it is fake then someone would be able to point it out within the next 24 hours.

I, again think the pic is real, but of course I don't know. I've checked a handful of message boards and sites and no one has yet said anything that proves without a doubt that it is fake. Can you?



Anonymous said... [Reply]

I honestly don't think the top pic is fake. It looks real to me.

Anon said... [Reply]

The one in the water is fake because the picture of Justin is from Hawaii but Selena got edited in. I included the link of the original picture, the photoshopper just reversed it.

The rest where he's wearing a green shirt and Selena and Ryan are there are real.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

im jot sure if its fake. but i know that she wore that bathing suit 2 years ago. and justin has also worn that bathing suit in like hawaii. so i think its fake. opinion tho. and the person who 1st put it up i guess said tht it was fake. but idk

Anonymous said... [Reply]

yeah i agree the first one is fake but the second one is real

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Its a fake, the girl who made it admitted it on tumblr :P

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i think the first ones real because yes she did wear that bathing suit before but her figures completly changed if you look at the picture in the video and one 2 years ago

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Its fake - cause i chat to the girl who made it over tumblr and she made that a couple of days ago and now she is really worried cause everyone thinks its real but its actually fake.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

It's Fake coz the girl who made it said it on her Tumblr..go check it out.. her tumblr is fuckeyearjustinandselena.tumblr she said it her self..she even said that she was the 1 who sent them them email to confirm that it was fake..she even showed us how she did it..so i'm 100% sure that it fake:)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

This picture is fake.............
but I have another proof that they are dating
first selena gomez is following goruos like jalena and selena bieber, and biebergomez.... and trust me if you look at people she follows theres a lot of justin bieber and selena names
and second Justin biebers aunt tammy bieber her twitter name is tammy bieber (search it on google) on her account said she does not follow starngers............
and i think the pople who she followed are all fomilies except ellen degeneres usher raymond and selena gomez
maybe she followed ellen because she's met her before and likes to watch her shows,,.....and usher is Jb's mentor.....
but, why is selena gomez the only acotor or singer she follows..............
is it becaue justin is dating selena?????????
hmm interesting right

Anonymous said... [Reply]

They are not dating Seleba said in an interview once she won't date a guy younger than her. Justin and Selena are just really good friends.



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