10 October 2010

new Justin Bieber Shirtless pictures in Hawaii

Fresh off of celebrating his guitarist's wedding, Justin Bieber made his way to perform a few shows in Hawaii over the weekend.

Making the most of his downtime, the "Baby" singer tossed on his swim trunks as he joined rumored girlfriend Jasmine Villegas for a boating excursion on Friday (October 8).

Hopping aboard a Hawaiian catamaran, The Mai Tai, Bieber and Villegas were joined by Jaden Smith and family members as they cruised the waters off of Waikiki Beach.

Tweeting his Hawaiian excitement, Justin happily wrote, "Hawaii great night and great vacation here. me, jaden, and @JASMINEVILLEGAS all had a great time. thank u. cant wait to come back!!"

Also noting his upcoming plans, the 16-year-old tweeted on Sunday (October 10), "off to Japan 2morrow!!! Flying in fans from all over Asia! Looking forward to seeing everybody"

Shirtless Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber in Hawaii on a boat

Justin Bieber vacationing shirtless

2010 Justin Bieber Shirtless pics

Justin Bieber shirt off in Hawaii


sexy Justin Bieber on the beach

New Justin Bieber Shirtless in Hawaii Pictures



Anonymous said... [Reply]

Bieberlicious 6-pack!!!!!! MMEEEEEEOOOOOWWW

Anonymous said... [Reply]

does he even have pit hair?? im a faan. but i am just wonderin

Anonymous said... [Reply]

In the first pic it looks like that fat arm is his XD

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I dont think that is Jasmine V. doesn't look like her. this girl looks a lot older. idk just a thought.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

it isnt jasmine. that girl is olderr

Stephanie said... [Reply]

I'm thinking it's Scooter's girlfriend. IDK if that girl is his girlfriend but it's the girl he tweeted about.

Daisy said... [Reply]

My god Steph you're a stalker!! I knew it.

You're right. That's Scooter's girlfriend. It's the same one here.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Roflmao it's not Jasmine, it's Scooter's GF

Anonymous said... [Reply]

that lady is caarin braun

ordinarygirl said... [Reply]

lmao hahahhahaha!!!! thats not jasmine v. that scooter's gf hahaha lmao!!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

OMG justin is like freaking hot. oh damn, that lady is very very very lucky.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

dude i LOVE this site ! these pics are sexyyy! haha :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

his belly button is an outie!

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Anonymous said... [Reply]

didn't his mom go there with them?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

justin bieber is gay gilrs he has no abes

sierra bieber said... [Reply]

ok his arms look frekin huge and harry in theis pic

Anonymous said... [Reply]

it is not nice to say guy what are you talking about he is a nice kid to know whin you give the boy a chance to hang out with him but dont call him gay he is not guy did your mom teach you to say gay about people you dont know if you are nice to him are talk about him nice you can say things nice to people not mean thing's about people you dont know what happen he called you gay in front of your mom say thing's nice about justin he will be nice back to you be happy and enjoyed your life and stop talking mean to peaple

Anonymous said... [Reply]

do i care if hes so hot?
i want to shag him(:

lena said... [Reply]

is not that bad <3love justin

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Yeahh I Like This and I Love Justin Bieber For Ever

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Justin is perfect

hawaii.love said... [Reply]


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Anonymous said... [Reply]

His belly Button,
It's soo cutee <33'#

Anonymous said... [Reply]

You are so cute but,next time don't show your armpits or try to act like Edward Cullen with your hair .I won't stop i loving you.From kenia(9)

deanna said... [Reply]

god i want to make out with him so badly and do him and hug him and be his girlfriend SO FRICKEN BADLY!!!! I LOVE U JUSTIN UR SO HOT AND AMAZING!!!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Justin's outie is lickable!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

awwwwww!!! what happened to justins finger in the second to the last pic?? he has a band-aid... clumsy jus like me haha!! i wish I could've gone to his concert or even see him around the island... i live in hawaii so one day I'm gna go to the beach & airport where Justin stayed so I kno that Justin had been in that same exact spot. it's the closest I'll ever get to him cuz i don't think he'll come back to O'ahu 2 or 3 months after the concert he jus did & shoot, I already missed Bruno mars' concert yesterday... wow I jus noticed how much I wrote but Justin, u inspire me to sing & I hope I'll be like u in the future. n_n

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Anonymous said... [Reply]

i love yyyyaaaaa

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