20 December 2010

Another leak?


This is not Justin. It's some guy who is trying to become popular by looking and sounding like Justin. All the videos in his Youtube channel are like Justin's. His channel name is "Kiddult" (which is like JB's Kidrauhl channel) and believe it or not his real name is Drew. I kid you not. (Look at his Youtube channel. All his videos are like JB's videos. This guy is sick.)

Here's another lame-*ss immitation song. He's even going for JB's look. Total copycat. (Remind you guys of the JBSour Monkey?)

Will keep you guys posted if I find out anything new.



Dorentina said... [Reply]

:b OMG I Loove this Booy *__*

lizzy said... [Reply]

thats actually justin. that drew kid is just saying its his. if you think thats actually drew, then you need to get your ears checked. and plus, that picture is obviously justin. and theres a a youtube called jbleaks who had those two songs out first. SO ITS NOT DREW,(he's just saying it is) THE BIEBER WANNABE. ITS JUSTIN.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

It's justin!!! that drew guy can't even sing

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i think this might actually be justin, but i think drew is a f**king poser trying to pass it off as him. but either way, they're good songs

caitlin said... [Reply]

hes not that bad of a singer but a huge bieber wannabe. he probably wants the girls. but still dont know whether thats jb or not i mean even mtv is reporting it now. but i mean soooooo many of his songs have been leaked so i doubt its justin.

btw i love what youve one with the site daisy
it's great

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Drew is a faker and a poser, he steals other people's videos and says it's him, and leaks Justin's songs and says he wrote it :a

beatrice said... [Reply]

god i hate people like that

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Wow Justin bieber is like branching out from his saftey zone... I think that i respect him more cause he is dating selena gomez... I LOVE HER SOO MUCH!! That makes me think he is nice if Selena gomez will go out with a guy TWO YEARS YOUNGER than her!!

Kash said... [Reply]

JB is workin on a real track and it's with GABE check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwJ93EKHocg

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