06 December 2010

Justin Bieber admitted a girl has turned him down before - despite being one of the world's biggest teen heartthrobs.

Bieber Fever hit Daybreak today when Justin appeared on the UK breakfast show. He told presenters Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley he has 'kind of' got used to all the attention screaming girl fans pay him.

The 16-year-old said: 'It's kind of crazy to me that they are here so early, it's so early they are out there screaming.' He added: 'It's definitely a dream come true, you know being able to travel the world, before this I had never even been on an airplane, it's incredible.

Justin Bieber got turned down by a girl'I am travelling with so many great people, you know, the people that surround me are so close to me. My manager, everybody, we are all such a tight knit family it's really fun because I'm not only travelling with the people I work with, but they have become like my family.'

Bieber said even though he is living his dream and travelling the world, his mum still tells him off.

Justin answered questions for 60 seconds that were sent in by fans and in that minute admitted a girl has turned him down before but he can't remember her name.

The pop star also revealed he believes in love at first sight and loves British women, but if he had to be handcuffed to anyone for 24 hours, he would choose singer Beyoncé.

The U Smile singer insisted there aren't any worries about his voice breaking because he has been working hard with his vocal coach to ensure it stays the same.

He added: 'It's definitely changing but I have a really great vocal coach who is helping me.'


And now that girl is swearing in her head daily.



rachbabes93 said... [Reply]

This isnt a joke - my best friends mom is Canadian, and so her cousins are all in Canada. One of her cousins is friends with a girl who knew Justin, and he asked her out and she turned him down!!!! i wonder when he says he got turned down by a girl before, was this the girl?!?! you'd be kicking yourself for lifeee! <3 :o :t

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