13 November 2010

Is Jasmine Villegas Justin Bieber's girlfriend?

I don't know. When Maria Menounos asked him if Jasmine V was his girlfriend he kinda shied away and started to blush.



Masha said... [Reply]

Ohmigosh if Jasmine is ghis girlfriend, then WE HAVE TO GO MURDER HER!!! I HATE HER SO FREAKING MUCH!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

wow @masha hi five hahahaha i mean like i think she is becuz he was hiding his face and like he was blushing hmmmm smh !!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

he wasnt even blushing and honestly i think that people would probably know by now if he was dating anyone

Anonymous said... [Reply]

ikr he wasnt even blushing... nd its true wat the one on top of me sed lol we wud known by now if he did or does not ave gf :)

Caroline said... [Reply]

but he was seen kissing jasmine v in tht car.... we still hav to murder her mwahaha

Anonymous said... [Reply]

omg you people are stupid as fuck. you call yourselves beliebers but you'll only be happy if he is single. if the are dating, be happy. if they aren't dating still be happy. its his life. oh and @Caroline, they weren't kissing. justin said that they were hiding from the paparazzi.

Dempsey said... [Reply]

im not sure either, but you can definitely tell that he was kinda like shaken by the question. When he answered her and said "i'll stick with the usual, Beyonce." that sounds not as smooth as he usually is.

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