14 October 2010

Name Justin Bieber3D Movie Title Game

Alright guys, this is a JBShrine exclusive.

The title of Justin's new movie is supposed to be a big secret but an inside source has told me what it is.

But instead of just announcing it we'll make a game out of it......

So this is how it goes: Every few hours I will reveal a clue and within the next 24 hours if nobody can guess the title of the movie then I will announce it. The first person to guess correctly wins a brand new car. I'm not kidding this time.

So here's the first clue:

1. You guys are all familiar with the title of this movie.
(Yah kinda vague but I'm sure someone will get it as more clues are given.)

2. The title says that "anything can happen".
ps. If you take a guess then leave your name in the comment so we know who to send the car to.

Wow, Stalkerish Steph got it in 2 clues. Good job. The title is "Never Say Never 3D"



thejbiebergroup said... [Reply]

justin bieber??? lol

Caitlin said... [Reply]

do we seriously get a car??? lol
umm... my world

Caitlin said... [Reply]

Justin Bieber My World
Justin Bieber My Story

Caitlin said... [Reply]

Justin Bieber 3D

Daisy said... [Reply]

lol Caitlin. You're too funny.

Caitlin said... [Reply]

ok ok ok ok ok i got it!!!!
Justin Bieber somethin (i really dnt know this is hard)

MattieAn said... [Reply]

omb! we will be able to get a brand new car if win this game? Seriously? wow.. awsome, i'll try :))

Stephanie said... [Reply]

Justin Bieber
Never Say Never

Dempsey said... [Reply]

can we guess more than once Daisy?

Caitlin said... [Reply]

Justin Bieber Never Say Never
Justin Bieber Never Give Up
Justin Bieber Dream

Caitlin said... [Reply]

Justin Bieber Believe
(oh yeah that has to be right!!!)

Caitlin said... [Reply]

ok how bout you post clues every 5 minutes then i can guess it b4 i got 2 get off the computer and be lyk wooooo i guessed it and feel sooo proud of myself.

Wow i'ashamed... Im one of Justin's biggest fans and i can't guess this

Stephanie said... [Reply]

Looking at the visible little purple fonts below "Justin" on the poster, I could see the top part of NEVER. So I'm guessing it's whether
Justin Bieber Never Say Never
Justin Bieber Never Give Up.
Anythin that has NEVER in it xD

Caitlin said... [Reply]

omb omb omb
here i go

Justin Bieber Anything Is Possible

gwenniie ♥ said... [Reply]

umm okayy...
believe in everything because everythings reachable?
lol thats my guess :P

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Justin Bieber - anything can happen if you just belive?:)

Caitlin said... [Reply]

Justin Bieber First Step 2 Forever: My Story

it's a movie of the book

Em said... [Reply]

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never ?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

anything is possibele?
believer in anything?
believer in everything because everythings reachable?
never say never?
just belieb?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Justin Bieber - Never say never 3D

Anonymous said... [Reply]

justin bieber never give up
justin bieber just beliebe
justin bieber believe in everything because everything's reachable ;DDDDDDDDD im stuck ;D

Helene said... [Reply]

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never <3

Anonymous said... [Reply]

JUSTIN BIEBER Second Step 2 Forever: My Other Story
OOORRR justin bieber my story 3D :):)

marenh said... [Reply]

just belive

juana.heart said... [Reply]

"our world 3D'' (justin bieber filmography) ??? ......

juana.heart said... [Reply]

second step 2 forever , never say never
orr justin bieber filmography my story 3D

darya said... [Reply]

bieber fever

Cierra said... [Reply]

don't stop beliebing

Taylor said... [Reply]

Guesses: Bieber Story 3D ..... Bieber Forever 3D ....... Justin Bieber lets make it happen 3D ..... Justin Bieber My Miraculous Story 3D ....

rojin said... [Reply]

anything can happen when your justin bieber???

Madison Ownby said... [Reply]

Justin Bieber. My world, Never say never?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

My name is Jordan :D

Taylor said... [Reply]

Justin Bieber Living The Dream in 3D .......................... Justin Bieber 2.0 in 3D

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Never Say Never..
Name: Taylor

Heeda said... [Reply]

cant wait to watch never say never...
name:AMELIA(the biggest justin bieber an in the WORLD)

Guiilherme said... [Reply]

justin bieber

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