01 October 2010

Should Jasmine Villegas be nervous about the new lady in Justin Bieber’s life? She’s beautiful, talented AND smart!

Justin Bieber’s music video for “U Smile” came out today, Oct. 1, and the buzz around Hollywood isn’t just about our beloved Bieber. Everyone has been wondering who the video’s leading lady is and here’s what HollywoodLife.com knows!

Anastasia Kassar is the lucky girl to snag the dream role as the fan Justin falls for and it turns out Anastasia is a true talent in her own right. We found out Anastasia is a singer/songwriter, actress and athlete. She speaks French, plays piano, models and knows six styles of dance! If that’s not enough to prompt jaw dropping and make J’s gf, Jasmine Villegas nervous, Anastasia tweeted a sweet thank you to Justin after they wrapped filming.

“@justinbieber,Working with you was a dream come true! I am sure all of your fans will love the video! Thank you for everything! :)”

Let’s not forget that Justin’s current real life love interest, Jasmine, was the leading lady in his “Baby” video. Oh and then there was Kristen Rodeheaver who he personally picked for his “One Time” video and briefly dated. Uh oh, Jasmine you better watch out! Your leading lady days may be numbered!




Anonymous said... [Reply]

hahaha, sorry but jasmine and justin never went out. she actually told me personally when i met her at a private M&G in vancouver. juust sayin.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Anastasia Kassar is like 20 years old. i thought she was like 16 but shes not. why would the let a 20 year old be with a 16 year old.

Anonymous said... [Reply]


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