21 July 2010

It's time to make your dreams become a reality. No need to lie, we know all about your fantasy to date super mogul Justin Beiber, fall madly in love, and have like ten million of his babies. We think we have the key to get you in the door of Bieber's heart!

If fate places you opposite superstar Justin Bieber, his good friend and opening act Jessica Jarrell has some advice for you. In a recent interview with HollywoodLife.com the singer confirms that her and Justin are strictly friends only. When asked if they will ever move out of the friends zone, Jarrell exclaimed, "No, no. Never. Absolutely not!"

So, with Jarrell safely out of the way, here are some tips on how she thinks you can win over the Biebster!

  • If you ever meet him, smile. He loves a girl's smile.
  • Be yourself.
  • However you are, just be that way.
  • Don't be someone you're not.

Thanks for the info! Now that you are locked and loaded with helpful information on how to score a date with Justin, head out there and go get 'em, but don't forget to smile! Bieber and Jarrell continue to tour North America and will be rocking the West Coast this week before heading back east.




Anonymous said... [Reply]

you spelling of Bieber is wrong :/

Margooooot x said... [Reply]

pretty smile :i CHECK be myself ... :p CHECK i own rhis :P I keed , ikeed ... maybe .... mysterious :)

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