21 April 2010



Beatrice said... [Reply]

omg can't wait for the video!:D

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i'm a little worried... why is Jasmine v. in the video of "eenie meenie" too? i read
that she's a justin's really good friend but it's only this? (we can't forget that they kissed in the video of "Baby") please say
me i'm wrong! XD

deasha said... [Reply]

i hope u're wrong too..=(

Justin Bieber said... [Reply]

You guys dont have to worry. were just friends. i love u guys 2. your my sweethearts. you are the ones who put me where i am now. i would be nothing without you.

Hilda said... [Reply]

omg jasmine is so lucky.wish i was her.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

omg why does justin always get ugly girls?

justinlover said... [Reply]

you are so right anonymous he does always get ugly girls.i wonder why?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i know always picks ugly girls i wonder why?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

yeah why are the girls always ugly?? :O

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Omg that is so true like in all of his videos the main girl is ugly mainly the girl in never let you go she was sooo uglyy but who know????
I hope justin does not date jasmine

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