06 March 2010

Justin Bieber Shrine Artwork 1

I know how much you guys love collecting pictures of Justin so I'm going to make an addition to this site called the ART GALLERY. This is where I will display some artwork of Justin for you guys to look at and download if you want a copy. You won't find these pictures anywhere else on the net because I made them myself.

This will be a fan gallery so if you made any kind of artwork of Justin that you would like displayed at this site please let me know and I will put it up. A collage, mosaic, anything.

I'm not an artist and have never done this before so I'm amazed how great they turned out. These two pictures are my first creations. I hope you like them. Feel free to leave a comment.  :)

Justin Bieber Shrine Artwork 2



kristine.baring16 said... [Reply]

Yeaaah ! Cool :">
i Love the secong one ! Nice !
- Drewkristine :)))

biebeerfans said... [Reply]

i really love the first picture great job !! keep making more and put thm on this site.

kristine.baring16 said... [Reply]

SECOND** Ahaha :)))

yhanie24 said... [Reply]

i just really love this site. every time i visit here. there's something new. :))

jeil orlina loves justin bieber said... [Reply]

wow .. the two pictures are great ! .. nice one :))

-- jeil orlina

ilovej-beebs :) said... [Reply]

i love beebs' artworks :)) .. he is so gorgeous ! he's the most gorgeous of all male artist .. :D love him ! more blessings to come j-beebs :) :*

-- Jeil Rose Ann Orlina Ü

Ayaapples said... [Reply]

PlEaSe KeEp PoStInG nEw PiCs Up!!!! :)

Marieee said... [Reply]

The second one is great but the first one is amazing! Please make more. Love your site btw. I come here everyday.

yhanie24 said... [Reply]

im melting again. LOL!! :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

WOW!!!!!! he is georgous!!! im so excited im going 2 1 of his concerts!!! lol

Izabelle said... [Reply]

he's sexe love this babe!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i Luve Justin so much. i wish i could meet him in real life but i know that can never happen :( i live in Canada and he should do concerts where i am. i had this dream about him where i got to meet him and he have me a kiss and a nice hug. i luve u Justin

darlynne♥Justin said... [Reply]

cool.. 8)
i already have the first pic haha.. ;)
add me in facebook!! darlynne manguiat
then follow me on twitter jb_dharlina_26
thanks guys..!! i love JB!!

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