04 January 2011

Twitter was crazy last night with Beliebers vs Beliebers.

I understand both sides but for those that don't understand why some of us seem to have such a problem with what's going on then read this article:

Justin Bieber: I would never delete my Twitter account

Justin Bieber has insisted that he has no plans to delete his Twitter account – because he likes using it to control gossip about him.

The U Smile singer went on the social networking website today to dispel the rumours that he was going to get rid of his account.

He tweeted: 'Woke up to today's rumour that I was going to delete my Twitter [account]. Nope. Never that. Where did that [rumour] even come from? I love talking to you all here.

'Thanks to Twitter, rumours can't run wild. We talk directly. We know what it is. People can say what they want, but me and my fans have a bond.'

Meanwhile, Disney star Selena Gomez has recently received a string of death threats, after she was pictured kissing the teenage pop star while holidaying on the Caribbean island of St Lucia, according to reports.

Bieber’s fans have reportedly posted several hostile messages to the 18-year-old actress-singer on Twitter.


This is a perfect example of why I have a problem with them not admitting to their relationship.

Through Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, Justin (and Scooter) have always communicated straight to the fans. Whether to dispel rumors or to let us know what he is up to today, Bieber and Beliebers have a connection like no other. We have supported him this way from the very beginning and most of us feel we have a part in his huge success.

So now that there is his "big Selena rumor", why does Justin now choose to be quiet instead of dealing directly with this fans through Twitter. Is there no longer a bond?

And don't say "he should keep his private life private". You can't all of a sudden expect privacy and choose to be quiet especially if you choose to date someone so public.

justinbieber selenagomez dating

All you have to do is say you're dating Selena Gomez and then we can all move on. Ignoring us fans when we want, need, and expect an answer straight from you most is just wrong.

Do you agree?



Anonymous said... [Reply]

I remember an old interview with a different disney star, like selena is, who was asked about a friend and answered:

58. I’m afraid I’m not allowed to answer that question, I’m under contract from Mickey Mouse.


So I think she is not allowed to say that or she will risk a fine penalty or something

that is why they told it us a different way, with pictures...

but i dont think that bieber can claim his private life to be private, because to be public is just the way he earns money, he has earned at least 30 mio dollar with it and of course every job has its downsides, if he wants privacy he can quit his job and become a construction worker

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Where did you find that picture?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i mean the pictures from the caribbean, not the picture of this blog, i think daisy made it, didn't you?

Daisy said... [Reply]

Yes I made the picture in the background. :k Like it?

HanieBieber47 said... [Reply]

Did you make that picture? Is it reall? :o

N3ginBeliebz said... [Reply]

I 100% agree with u daisy!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

maybe he wouldn't mind telling us but Selena might not want to yet considering all the hate she has been getting.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

He may aswell tell the truth. His fans need to know whether its true or not because its not nice having to wonder about the fact or the fiction

Nahla said... [Reply]

Leave them be. If they're dating, that's fine.

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