04 January 2011

The more he doesn't want to answer, the more people will keep asking.



Stephanie said... [Reply]

I DO think he has a girlfriend. Wait lemme say that again...
I KNOW he has a girlfriend. If he doesn't have a gf, he would just say NO but he keeps talking bout keeping his personal life personal. So it's obviously obvious that he has a girlfriend

Anonymous said... [Reply]

ARRGGGG!!! i love/hate him at the same time! The video is funny....but its obvious he has a girlfriend...the sooner he admits it the better

Caitlin said... [Reply]

i respect the fact that he wants privacy but i mean this could all be a publiciy stunt. like on hannah montana when hannah had that fake bf that she didnt even lyk n it was all for publicity. im not sayig that he doesnt lyk selena cause i mean theyre friends but srsly with lyk a click they just became all snuggly n kissy n going everywhere with eachother i mean it might not be real. i mean right now part of me hates selena the other part doesnt and is just happy with them but i dnt know why its soooooo hard for celebs to admit they have a gf or bf i mean u shouldnt b ashamed of who ur dating otherwise u shouldnt be dating them at all.

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