29 October 2010

Justin Bieber's ex-GF Caitlin Beadles driving his Range Rover.

From Madison: They are still rumored to like each other, but they keep it a secret. Leaving the DMV.. Everyone swarmed their car, it's sweet that he let's her drive his car :)

Caitlin Beadles drive Justin Bieber around in his Range Rover

Caitlin Beadles drive Justin Bieber around in his Range Rover

Hmmmm, I wonder how Jasmine feels about this. Jealous?

The reason I ask this is because I think those pics of them kissing in the back of the Honda are real. Why do I think this? Because if it wasn't true then Chaz would have defended JB during that fight on Twitter. Instead he only defended Caitlin and didn't come to Justin's defense at all when the pics were brought up.

Know what I'm saying? Or is it just me?

Feel free to tell us what you think.



Anonymous said... [Reply]

aw , i like caitlin better then jasmine .
jasmine kinda show off .
justin and caitlin will make a cute couple dn't u think ?? :P

Dempsey said... [Reply]

Yes they do make a super cute couple! YAh jasmine is a loser and I hope caitlin makes her really jealous
Daisy: I agree I think those pictures are real,

Anonymous said... [Reply]

dude you can clearly tell this is an old picture....

Stephanie said... [Reply]

@Anonymous Justin didn't have a car yet if this pic was old.

I think Jasmine is planning a plot on Caitlin right now xD

Daisy said... [Reply]

These pics were off Ocean Up today so I don't think they are old.

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