20 October 2010

This post took forever to put together but I hope you guys like it.

Something went down on Twitter yesterday evening. Apparently a hater of Caitlin (no her name is not too subtle) kept spamming Chaz too get his attention. Well it sure got his attention alright and JBShrine was caught in the middle of it.

Below was the online fight between the 2. Chaz's tweets are in orange:

@ChazSom3rs dont you just hate caitlin ..... http://www.twitlonger.com/show/1aa1395075d2f01737d2639f0b8d147a !x
@ChazSom3rs dont you just hate caitlin ..... http://www.twitlonger.com/show/1aa1395075d2f01737d2639f0b8d147a !x
@ChazSom3rs dont you just hate caitlin ..... http://www.twitlonger.com/show/1aa1395075d2f01737d2639f0b8d147a !x
@ChazSom3rs dont you just hate caitlin ..... http://www.twitlonger.com/show/1aa1395075d2f01737d2639f0b8d147a !x

@HATECAITLINFANS if i believed half the stories i heard about anyone i would have been to @justinBieber s Funeral more than once...

@ChazSom3rs well i just read storys and that puts me off wanting to know her

@HATECAITLINFANS you dont know her and i do i think im gonna know what shes like alot more than you

@ChazSom3rs have you read half the storys that go around about caitlin i know justin has a girlfriend i seen photo of them kissing in a car

@ChazSom3rs well if your reading stuff about them then seeing photos of them kissing then unles someone has edited the photos to make up (C)

@chazsom3rs shit then i belive it , why would someone waste time making photos of them kissing ? it is point less he lies about having (c)

@chazsom3rs a girlfriend and all us bieber fans has seen the photos of them kissing ! they might as well just say it , its not like we (C)

@chazsom3rs have a chance with justin ,

@HATECAITLINFANS u saw a picture of justin kissing jasmine andu hate caitlin... u are soo dumb... u are really dumb, forreal

@ChazSom3rs i know it was jasmine in not on about that photo im on about photos on bebo like my photos i got it of a fake caitlin bebo (C)

@chazsom3rs i dont hate jasmine she is amazing naaah i dont like her , she uses justin for fame noone knew who she was until justin

@HATECAITLINFANS r u saying that everyone is using justin and he should just not talk to ppl bc there using him... not everyones as low as u

@ChazSom3rs im not dumb i have straight A , ! anyways

@HATECAITLINFANS ppl are telling me lies... i KNOW her u HEAR about her... and ill bet u dont have straight A's

@ChazSom3rs people are telling you lies , i dont like caitlin cause she said i was sending her death threats when all i said was die

@ChazSom3rs im not low im very high , i used to like caitlin and jasmine until someone sent me a link about pattie saying that jasmine (c)

@chazsom3rs was using justin for fame!

@ChazSom3rs i just read tweets people were tweeting you saying that im jealous of caitlin im not i would not want to be her look at whta (C)

@ChazSom3rs she has been through i could not handle that tbh ! i would hate to be caitlin

@HATECAITLINFANS yeah she went through alot and she still gets ppl like u that wont shut there mouths... so i suggest you shut your mouth ha

@HATECAITLINFANS lets see this link....

@ChazSom3rs http://justinbiebershrine.blogspot.com/2010/10/justin-biebers-mom-says-jasmine.html , now tell me i have no reason to hate them

@ChazSom3rs well it hard to shut my mouth i like to talk ,

@HATECAITLINFANS Anyone can quote ppl,it blows my mind that i just wasted all this time talking to somone as attention starved and dumb as u

@ChazSom3rs oh aint you cool justin bieber wee friend here it not my problem caitlin cant fight her own battles ! she always need someone

@HATECAITLINFANS ur embarrassing urself

@ChazSom3rs im not embarrassing myself i dont get embarrassed very easy and i find this funny how you need to get in this about caitlin (C)

@chazsom3rs everyone told she could not fight her own battles now i know ! me and @hatecaitlinbead is having the time of our life hating her

@HATECAITLINFANS u dont like some1 you dont know for no legit reason.. i dont even have to stand up for Caitlin ur makin urself sound dumb

@ChazSom3rs well chaz i can hate who ever in the world i want like @hatecaitlinbead @caitlin_hate_

@hateoncaitlinb we all hate caitlin 

@chazsom3rs i understand you love caitlin so much but c'mon read @hatecaitlinb tweets !

@HATECAITLINFANS u know what your having fun... keep doing it im not gonna waste my time with you.. nighty night

@chazsom3rs she has been tweeting you something that you could find interesting ! hahaha you call me dumb have you seen your self ?

*Sniff* *Sniff* anyone else smell jealousy? @HATECAITLINFANS is reeking of it...

@ChazSom3rs your getting angry now ? aren't you getting fucking angry now !
Goodness. Some people just have so much hate. You know what's the best part of this conversation? When Chaz called her low and she said "im not low im very high". Classic.

And it does seem like Chaz was pretty roused up by this Caitlin hater no?. I wonder if there could be something there?

Anyways here's a picture of them two having some fun in the pool. Caitlin is on Chaz on the left.

And guess what? They also have that damn matching bracelets thing again.

btw hi Chaz!!



MrsBieber1717 said... [Reply]

woww that girl is messsed uppp :/ and why hate on caitlin she doesnt even know her....losssaaaa. caitlin is amazing!!!

Dempsey said... [Reply]

Yah seriously the caitlin haters are idiots! caitlin is SO sweet! she has had to go through so much and Im really glad chaz is defending her if i could talk to that girl i wouldn't talk actually i would knock her teeth out!

Siti said... [Reply]

Caitlin have always sound like an amazing person. Why hat on her? Yeppz.. I think it is Jealousy. And Chaz have a GirlFriend right? His GirlFriend's name is Cherissa or something. She have twitter. So, I don't think Caitlin and Chaz are together. But i might be wrong too. :D

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i hate caitlin too! she's annoying and seems like a wannabe famous girl with all her stupid videos, specially her new video with payton. plus she started dating that blonde guy and telling him "i love u" like a week after meeting him. me not like "quick" girls if you get what i mean.

hate on me all u want!! its my opinion.

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