28 October 2010

Everybody know that Justin Bieber 3D Movie is coming out Next yeart. But for those who can´t wait to see Sexy Bieber in 3D here is the 3D version of Somebody To Love i specialy made for Biebs and all the fans. To watch you need that old fashion 3d glasses blue and red. Here is the link to the video: http://www.twitvid.com/NFF69

It´s AWESOME and all the fans are enjoying it...so i would love if you could promote it too, or just post on your page!!!

If you wanna follow me on twitter to get more JB 3D videos this is the link: www.twitter.com/JB_XTREME

Thanks Natasha for submitting the video.

I checked it out myself but I only have those new 3D glasses and not the old blue and red ones so I don't know how it looks. She did say that she tried uploading it to Youtube which would have been better quality but Youtube rejected it due to copyright reasons.

If any of you have the blue and red glasses please check it out and let Natasha and the rest of us know what you think. Thanks.



Natasha Bielinski said... [Reply]

Thanks for posting my video...you can make at home this 3D old fashion blue and red glasses...there are pages on Google and video on Youtube that teach you...u should try!!! The video is AWESOME in 3D!!!

Thanks again!!! =D

Anonymous said... [Reply]

OK. I had those 3D glasses, green and red. it was pretty awesome. it worked :)

Stephanie said... [Reply]

Here's a vid suggestion on how to make the glasses.. :) I wish I've got that transparent thing xD

Stephanie said... [Reply]


Natasha Bielinski said... [Reply]

I also made the Trailer of Justin movie "Never Say Never" in 3D you can check it here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-FdTkjs-70

Dunno why but YouTube messed up a little with the quality when i uploaded, but it´s still ok!!!

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