10 December 2010

selena gomez justin bieber
Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber is a ladies man, for sure. Just days after swearing he has no time for dating and doesn’t have a girlfriend, he’s been spotted looking awfully close with Disney hottie Selena Gomez.

Although Justin, at 16, is two years younger than 18-year-old Selena, the two were spotted clinging to each other while dining out in the city of brotherly love. Gossip Web site TMZ tracked down the pair at an International House of Pancakes in Philadelphia on Wednesday (Dec. 8).

Okay, it’s not exactly what you would call a romantic restaurant, but they reportedly were looking very friendly, and have been seen together more than once over the past few months. What’s more they were photographed leaving the restaurant arm-in-arm! Both were in Philadelphia to perform at radio station Q102′s annual Jingle Ball, a star-studded holiday-themed concert.

In Los Angeles, the day before (Dec. 5) at another concert, Gomez called Bieber “one of my best friends.”

“Love him,” she said. “I would do anything for that kid.”

Yikes, kid! She called him kid?

That’s a term of affection usually reserved for a brother, or friend, not a boyfriend. Selena seems a little too mature for the Bieb, and probably goes for older guys, anyway.

She is also one of of the Disney kids, along with the Jonas Brothers, and, ahem, Miley Cyrus, who have vowed, at least publicly, to remain celibate until they are married. And, she’s been spotted wearing a purity ring on her finger.

So the Bieb’s action may be limited in any case.


Whatever stories that are going around about them 2 I'd say don't worry about it. She's 18. She seems way too mature to have sex with JB. That TMZ picture at IHOP was probably more for publicity.



Caitlin said... [Reply]

but justin said he's gonna be a vigin til marriage

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