09 December 2010

Here's a breakfast combo for ya -- Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez leaving the International House of Pancakes yesterday ... ARM-IN-FRICKIN-ARM!!!

justinbieber selena gomez

The two international pop stars sat down for breakfast yesterday in Philadelphia .... hours before they were scheduled to perform at the Q102 Jingle Ball.

According to the good folks at IHOP ... Biebs, 16, and Gomez, 18, HELD HANDS inside the restaurant ... and looked "cuddly" while sitting on the same side of a booth.

Nothing says "romance" like a Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity.


These two are getting very chummy. He spent Thanksgiving with her family. She goes with him to Jaden's brother's high school football game. They go on Yogart dates. He has said Selena is his favorite Disney girl. And he just happens to make a song called "Latin Girl". You can't get anymore Latin then Selena Gomez.

Furthermore there is this:

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez ARE Dating According To Reports

According to Life & Style magazine Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are in fact dating, even though they have continuously denied the reports. According to the magazine the duo have gone out on a number of dates and their relationship is now starting to get more serious – with Selena starting to tell all of her friends how much she likes Justin!

A source told the magazine:

Selena’s been gushing about Justin more with friends. And he’s had a crush on her forever. It’s definitely on!



Hmmmmmm..... But then again she did tell Ellen she considers him her LITTLE brother. I don't know about you but once you consider someone your little brother it's hard to date them.



Masha said... [Reply]

Mkayy... I officially hate her, and if I ever meet her, I'll beat her up

madison said... [Reply]



Dempsey said... [Reply]

Isn't there an age difference between them? I mean come on shes a pretty girl but really???!

brooke.x said... [Reply]


look as hard as it is for me to say this,
id rather her dating justin than jasmine v
for some reason,
im like super jealous. :n


lizzy said... [Reply]

knew it knew it knew it knew it!!!! :DDDDDDD im happy lol

Jenny said... [Reply]

i don't think their dating . They just seem to be really good friends and all friends hold hand that way .but I don't know this could just be me in denial lol it just seems weird that Justin would date someone older than him and taller than him
but if they are dating im happy that he has a girlfriend

Caroline said... [Reply]

why justin why!!?!?!?!? shes fricken 18 years old!!! :(

Anonymous said... [Reply]

she is not too old for him i'm 19 and i'd fuck biebs' brains out! lmao. but i dont like selena that much if i were justin i'd date jessica jarrell. she's freakin hot. and talented too.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i rather justin go out with selena going out than jazmine v, i dont know why but jazmine just doesnt fit him.... im upset but at least he's going oout with a sweet girl

shah_9893 said... [Reply]

I Find it weird that she is dating him because she has said that he is a dork, i mean who would say a bad, hurtful thing 2 someone on a public program and the next thing you know she is dating him. Also she has said that she takes him as her little brother thats just weird and stupid. EVEN IF SHE WAS JUST TRYING 2 COVER HER SECRET!!
Still.. I'm not a fan of her but i dont like her atitiude and put on kindness, most people say she is a under-cover slag. not my point of view but i don't have anything against her, Thank You

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