28 December 2010

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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez' Private Hotel Date

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez continued to fuel rumors that the two teen stars are dating when the pair were spotted ordering room service alone in Justin's swanky hotel suite.

According to Life & Style Weekly, Justin, 16, called down to STK restaurant at the swanky Gansevoort Hotel in Miami, Florida to order room service for himself and his "Year Without Rain" galpal.

The twosome's order? Penne pasta with alfredo sauce, a ginger ale and a Pepsi soda. Maybe the pair were planning to split their pasta Lady and the Tramp-style.

Life and Style reports that Justin has had a crush on 18-year-old Selena for "forever" but they remained friends, perhaps due to their age difference. "I guess something changed for her," said an insider. Sounds like things are heating up!

Dating rumors started to surround the two when they were spotted leaving an IHOP restaurant arm-in-arm. Later, the pair were spotted frolicking together in Miami and snuggling on Justin's tour bus after a concert. Justin and Selena were on tour together for the nation-wide radio Jingle Ball tour.

Think they are dating? I do.

The article forgot to report that the room service was ordered at 1am in the morning. Yes 1am. Go figure.



Anonymous said... [Reply]

i think there dating too :n
butt thats sort of nasty to date someone two years younger

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i would prefer justin bieber dating christian beadles, that would be cute

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I am not quite sure but non of them are denying it.when Justin kissed jasmine he never denied it and it was true. But there's a lot of rumors about thee two dating.I wonder if it's true........

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Wtf...it wouldn't be cute..it'd be weird cause they're both guys...and I know those 2 aren't gay.

Caroline said... [Reply]

i wonder what they were doing in tht hotel room :O

Anonymous said... [Reply]

guys... Who cares ? I'm a big fan but seriously they're allowed to do what they wnt. Plus they probably like eachother ...... So yeh give them a break. And I know I'm nor suppose to promote Kooning club here but you can win tickets to see him lol... Just saying you can also win tickets and flights to europe to see him live if your desperate, just look at the vompetitions at http://www.koiniclub.com/ref/C-10-80083723 have fun and good luck :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

They weren't ALONE!!!!! There was many other people there i saw a picture of justin and an other dude!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Whoa , in the hotel ? Together ? WTF ! Aw , come on justin ! stop deny it =="

Anonymous said... [Reply]

its funny how the comment up there are saying that he world be be perfect with christian beadels , non of them are gay.
and CB has a hugh crush on selena gomez and now there are lots of rumors about JB and SG, and JB and CB are best friends, pretty funny :D

Madison said... [Reply]

am i the only that realizes that doesnt look like her in that picture? :h

Anonymous said... [Reply]

um k selena and JUSTIN ok dat is way out of hand.seriously justin is a wimp to date a jackbitch like selena.feel so sorry 4 u jb bt ull regret it someday til then nice knowin u

Anonymous said... [Reply]

OMG SELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously dude dont u hv sumtin better 2do rather thn goin after gals who ar wyyyyyyyyyy older than u.dont no wether if selena is cheatin on u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean thr are a lot of things bitches cn do.WELL FYI SELENA IS FUGLY GAPTOOTHED BITCH WHO HAPPENS 2 BE A PROSTITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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