13 December 2010

new justin bieber cute picture

Canadian Justin Bieber has made another big year-end list, this time making Twitter's top 10 trends of 2010.

The social networking site says 25 billion tweets have been sent this year so far, and the top trend was talk about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Bieber, who has more than 6.3 million followers on Twitter, was eighth on the overall list and first in the people category.

Bieber fans responded with outrage earlier in the year after his name stopped appearing on Twitter's list of trending topics. They called it a conspiracy, but Twitter explained that once a topic has become very popular it's harder to appear on the list.

The trending list identifies topics that are increasing in popularity.

So Bieber fans responded by finding another way to get their hero on the list. They continued to constantly tweet about him but referred to him as Bustin Jieber instead.

Last week, Google also announced that Bieber was one of the top searched terms worldwide.




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