16 February 2010


Justin Bieber MIZZ Magazine interview: 'If I wasn't a popstar I would be a chef and cook all the lovely ladies nice dinner!' Have you ever bough flowers? 'Yep, for a girlfriend once.' Best & worst gifts? 'I once got a box of coal, which is just plain weird! I got someone's soul, too - OK, I'm kidding, totally kidding! I got a box of chocolates one Valentine's, that was nice!'

To which celeb would you send a Valentine's card? 'I'd have to say Taylor Swift. She has the most amazing eyes and she's just so pretty. Plus, I went on tour with her!' What are the singns that someone's into you? 'For me, some girls just like, stare at me! That's a clue, I guess. When I'm into someone, I basically just smile or give them a wink!'Scan Credit: JustinDrewDaily.

LA Times Blog reviewed Justin's show: Bieber is a born charmer, occasionally riffing alongside his four backup dancers before alighting on a monitor to reduce the front rows to quivering devotion. And that voice is no studio trick; he tackled melismatic trills, sassy street inflections and coffeehouse acoustic pleas without so much as tousling his considerable bangs.



Anonymous said... [Reply]

Haha i wish he would wink at me! lol Honor

Anonymous said... [Reply]

:y :o awww!!!

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