03 January 2011

What's going on here?

I just woke up and noticed that Just Jared Jr has now removed all the pics from their site. Everyone one of them! And the main pic for their post, the small square one with him kissing her (you can see it in the last post because this is the only picture I saved) has been replaced with a totally different pic (to the right).Were they asked by Justin's people to take down the pics? But why would Just Jared Jr do that even if they were asked to? This doesn't make sense because surely by now the pictures are floating around.

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Kissing Couple!And Justin's Twitter account has been going crazy this last 2 hours. Tweeting and retweeting fans like I've never seen before! Is this a way to keep fans occupied as a way to do some damage control? And I agree with one of the people who left a comment in the last post, I don't even think it's Justin behind those tweets. I really think it's Scooter tweeting for Justin once again.

I'm gonna make a cup of tea, get comfortable, and try to do some investigation into what is going on this morning in Belieberland.

If anyone knows any info please do fill us in.

And for those of you who didn't get a chance to see the pictures then you're lucky because I just happened to have saved a screen capture of it.

UPDATE: The pics can be seen here: http://community.livejournal.com/anythingdisney/4305578.html

So what do you think?



Caitlin said... [Reply]

And i dont think they had it well i hope not :a i dont think justin would seeing what happened with his parents. and btw the pic at the top is fake right cuz i think i have that pic but it doesnt say anything bout selena.

Meli said... [Reply]

Omg! where is this first picture from?? Why would scooter tell just jared jr to take the pictures down and let justin post this pic. I don't understand anything right now!
But anyway i guess this first picture proves enough! They are dating. And it's okay! I'm happy for him. :d

meli said... [Reply]

What? Where is the picture where justin holds up that paper?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

well, maybe justjared did't own the rights for the pics? (:

Anonymous said... [Reply]

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :o WHAT THE HECK Selena Gomez Is 18 Bieber Is 16 About To Be 17 On MARCH 1ST :T And Hes Super Sexy I Love :T Him And I Don't Like Selena Gomez Dating Him Why Selena Why Date Justin I Know Hes Sexy But He Cant Do Any Thing Bout It He Cant Help It To Be So Darn Sexy But Selena Why Him Why Why Why Why I Love Him And I Will Never Say Never To :T Dating Him One Day I Care About Bieber So If u Break His Heart I Will Break Your Neck And I Will Crush u Into The Little Gomez Gusts u Truly Are :j :c :e

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Owoooowahahah,Owoooowahahah,Owoooowahahah, ya know ya ugly,ya know ya are,but break his his heart,ill brak yo face u r a jerk ur just a flirt and hes not urs hes all mine,so Gomez back off, Justins mine so leave him alone,you Bieber stealer!ill marry him one day and youll be crying!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

why are some you damn people hating on selena... u guys actually think u have a chance wit him. but reality check that will never happen...i noe its harsh but u and i know he is not gunna come out of no where and go out wit you... jusitn is a celebirty who has lost his privacy to his life...so who cares if he is dating or not just be happy if he is cuz that is want he want he was the support and love from his fan... and wat are u guy gunna do wen he is 18 or married are u gunna start hating on him still?? cuz if u are that really pathetic...just support justin because he give alot to us so return the respect ... cuz id be happy if he found a girl friend it will make him happy even if it is selena :t

Anonymous said... [Reply]

looks staged. i think him and jasmine seemed more real.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

he always said that he is a great kisser and he has to know from somewhere. but i think before, he kissed with a smile, which was cute, and now kissing Selena his expression seems so sensual. I do not like that, it is different from sweet mama's boy who is showing off with the girls, this time it is just like he is horny. however, i think all teenagers should enjoy their life as long as they are still healthy and good looking.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

here is wat i am thinkin :s :j :n :e :c

gabriele said... [Reply]

im soo mad at justin your better of alone

gabriele said... [Reply]

im sorry justin but i wentto the concert i saw you but i felt that you are going to move on so thenext day i got newsfrom every body in my class justin beiber and selena gomez had sex im so mad at you i dont want any thing to do with her.you lostlodes of your fans and 1 of them is me sorry u sould of thout before you did ith justin

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