19 January 2011

lol. He's probably ready for that each time he's doing the OLLG thing on stage.



Anonymous said... [Reply]

hahahahaha! FAIL xD
But i can definitely see why she did it, he's so cute :D

Cory said... [Reply]

OMG I would feel soooo bad if I got rejected a kiss from him infront of all those people lol :)But he led her on lmao :)

Daisy said... [Reply]

Yes he definitely led her on. I bet you he does it on purpose every time. Heartbreaker! :t

CarolineLovesJDB said... [Reply]

awwe i admire her for for trying! who knows? she might never meet him again! better now than never!

toni said... [Reply]

hey that's very embarrassing!

Zarah said... [Reply]

..justin is such a heart-breaker!..he leaned in first!..she just did what she had dreamed of...i wud definitely do that same but wait until he was really close and relaxed...but really embarrassing...

oxbreanaxo said... [Reply]

oh my gosh i was embarrassed for her D: that would be humiliating! Lesson learned- NEVER TRY TO KISS HIM if you are a OLLG xP lol. Fail:I

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