01 January 2011

We're starting the new year off with some good news:

“Justin Bieber Buys Selena Gomez A Diamond Bracelet For Christmas! Exclusive!” exclaims another cringe-worthy headline from HollywoodLife.

According to the site which has kept us super busy this past year, “Justin is so in love with Selena, he gave the Disney starlet her first ever diamond.”

Uh, huh…

HollywoodLife then quotes as so-called “insider” as saying, “It’s not an engagement ring, but it’s a diamond bracelet to signify that she is his.”

Uh, huh…

That same “insider” goes on to say that Gomez “was so touched and taken aback. But, she loved it. It’s the first diamond that anyone has ever given her.”

Like HollywoodLife’s recent story, claiming it had a photo of Bieber and Gomez kissing, this piece is also a FAKE.

A rep for Bieber tells Gossip Cop that HollywoodLife’s “exclusive” about him giving her a diamond bracelet is “BS” and “all lies.”

Fortunately, unlike diamonds, inaccurate stories don’t last forever.


A lot more good news to come. We are full of good news today. ;)



Anonymous said... [Reply]

lol it did seem weird considering they have only been together for a few weeks lol

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Selena and Justin aren't together, Selena said in an interview herself she isn't dating JB.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

can you please post a link to that interview!!! thanks!!

Galina said... [Reply]


Galina said... [Reply]

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sesilia said... [Reply]

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