17 January 2011

Ta da.....

justinbieber selenagomez purity ring

There we have it.

justinbieber selenagomez purity ring

Yes it's true. Justin has taken Selena Gomez's purity ring.

ahahhaha. Ok that was a joke. I really don't know anything about purity rings. And one thing I definitely don't know is what it means for a guy to wear a girl's purity ring.

So does it mean he is pure? Or does it mean he has taken her purity? :/

What do you think is really going on with these two?

By the way if you're wondering, Justin is wearing a Dolce & Gabana suit with David Yurman cufflinks. By coincidence, Selena's black diamond purity ring is also made by David Yurman.



Anonymous said... [Reply]

i dont think that is the same ring. if you look closely they are very different.

Serena said... [Reply]

if Justin took selena's purity (no longer a virgin) then he has to go to jail because he is too young to takes somebodys purity. Especially because he is 16, and she's 18.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

that's not selena's purity ring guys! purity ring has christian cross on it! and this is selena's:


Anonymous said... [Reply]

daisy is always kidding, but honestly girls, say, do you really care about a boy being virgin? this seems so 19th century. and promise rings are at most embarrassing

and he would not have to go to jail, neither selena, that is totally legal, but considering their parents, they will probably not have loved each other, which is a waste of youth

Anonymous said... [Reply]

That's not a purity ring! Purity rings are mostly silver and have crosses on them, or words like "true love waits" and just because you take your ring off, doesn't mean you aren't pure anymore. The ring is only there to remind you of your promise. (:

Anonymous said... [Reply]

The one Selena is wearing is not a purity ring, for a fact. That is (UK) singer Cheryl Cole's Promise Ring which Selena bought awhile ago when she was in London and met Cheryl herself at the ring collection launch. Could be the same one in both but i rather doubt it since the promise ring is a pinky ring and if jb doesn't have extraordinarily small fingers (as he's wearing it on his index finger) then they're not the same.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

lol so jelena is confirmed? i'm out then and not coming back till they break up. i'm quitting my bieberfever for a while. highly disappointed in justin, he seriously needs to get a better taste. i *thought* he had good taste: beyonce, rihanna, kim kardashian, katy perry, supposedly raven... even jasmine is better than selena.

BELIEBER said... [Reply]

omg selena get a life and get your hands off justin, he could do so so much better than you! he's amazing he wouldn't go out with a slut like you

Anonymous said... [Reply]

It's not even the same ring!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Anonymous said... [Reply]

they look differant... but why does anyone really care? i mean i love justin and selena is a perfectly good girl, it's justin's life and it's up to him how he's gonna live it and who he's gonna date. if your really his fan you wouldn't hate him or selena becuz their dating, you'd support him no matter what!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i think they are 2 compleatly differnt rings yu can see in the pictures...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

its not the same ring Justins has something on top

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Anonymous said... [Reply]

just to let everyone know.. selena's purity ring is a silver normal plain ring with the words ' true love wait ' engraved in it.. the ring in the picture is not her purity ring. Thi s means Justin is NOT wearing her purity ring just a ring. Probs not even hers.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Selena is wearing Cheryl Cole's Promise ring. It is not by David Yurman: de Grisogono made it with Cheryl last September. It's possible that Justin has buying the same, but i'm not sure. Has he buy it online? Maybe on the eboutique, where Cheryl and de Grisogono sell it online... to everyone, not just Justin :| the link is eboutique.degrisogono.com, i think.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Its not the same ring, plus you already said this http://justinbiebershrine.blogspot.com/2010/12/selena-gomez-took-off-her-purity-ring.html was her purity ring!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

omg LMFAO! 1-the rings are TOTALY different.
2-THAT ISN'T A FRICKEN PURITY RING! LMFAO this's hilarious! SELENA'S PURITY RING IS SILVER AND HAS 'TRUE LOVE WAITS' ENGRAVED ON IT! this's a stupid black plastic one...don't be as stupid as it is.

Tara said... [Reply]

:o :g really b/c selena really is a bad influence on justin if she wants sum 1 who is a man she shud get sum 1 who legally is a man & not a boy c'mon hes 16 goin on 17 shes 18 goin on 19 y cant she be a slut wit sum 1 else btw jdb neva has a long term realtionship wit any 1 and there is no cure 4 bieber fever were all beliebers hes everywhere ur bound 2 drool:p ova him we shud really b mad @ selena 4 takin the innocence out of him his mom (pattie)raised him to be christian which is pure innocent we shud trust jdb and not selena she posed nude of course shes a whore lets not watch her homosexual show on disney any more omg almost forgot she made him take the blame 4 her nude pic and he did take a good look at selena:h by lookin at ha u can see shes a bitch who wants a used bitch (used bitch for sell will do slutty things 4 money only $1.50 willing 2 go lower desprate 2 find home 4 this bitch plz we will giver away desprate 2 get rid of help!!!!!!!!!!!!)

meghan! said... [Reply]

yeah, thats selena's ring. it's not her purity ring though, google it. be smart. :]

#Swagg said... [Reply]

THat's not a purity ring. Purity rings kinda look like a wedding ring without the diamond;basically just a gold or silver band.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

lol Why would JB go out with her if he treats her like an older sister and she treats him like a little brother-Oh boy. i mean its just weird!
And that's not her purity ring -__-
Plus she's wearing it on her pinky n Justin has it on his index finger so unless he is an ant i dont think that's possible =|
And besides I am a belieber but I'll be happy for Justin cuz its what he wants when he dates someone!
I will be his friend one day <3 I will be a singer someday Never Say Never
And just becuz Sel took off her purity ring doesn't shes not pur anymore I mean come on! It's just there to remind u off ur promise She wud never do that!
But her parents have a right to be worried
Just Because she takes it off wen justin is around, doesn't mean anything will happen =)
But really It's there life so I'll be happy for them with whoever they want to be =)
P.S sel will never break her promise after like 6 years just because Justin came along maybe she shudn't take it off so much but she's just got the fever so what?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

@Anonymous that isnt even her purity ring in the picture of her, hers is silver and thin.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

He wouldnt be going to jail SHE would. Its called statutory rape hunny. Get it right

d.m. said... [Reply]

let me just say something about some of these comments.
1.if they did have sex, its none of our business.
2.if they did have sex, it would be her going to jail, and i bet it wouldn't matter cause no ones gonna call the cops, and she could defiantly pay for bail.
3.if Selena has a purity ring, then doesn't make much sense calling her a slut then does it?
4.the rings look alike, but his has a flat top, her's is round all the way.

chloefaithlovesyou said... [Reply]

He wouldn't go to jail if her took her purity.You could do it if you were 12 & not go to jail.jusss sayinnn'

sreshthaa said... [Reply]

whu cares!!they r in love tats ol tat matters!!guys cmmon....:s

Dank said... [Reply]

Look at the finger Selena has the ring on then look at the finger Justin has it on. Do you really think a ring that fit right on Selena's pinky finger would be fit on Justin's index finger? The kid might have small hands but come on.

kayla said... [Reply]

if he had sex wiht her she would go t jail because she is too old....they would have to wait 1 year or she getsin big trouble~ i hope he doesnt let us down.

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