25 January 2011

Getting three 'worst' nominations this year, the 'Baby' hitmaker finds himself in competition with Simon Cowell for Villain of the Year and with Lady GaGa for the Least Stylish Star.
Although he is a Grammy nominee, pop sensation Justin Bieber gets no love from this year's Shockwaves NME Awards. In fact, the "Baby" hitmaker has got all three of his nominations at the annual music awards from the worst categories, Villain of the Year, Least Stylish Star and Worst Album.

For his Villain nod, the Canadian singer finds himself in competition with former "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell. He is also shortlisted along with Axl Rose, David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Meanwhile, the Least Stylist count sees him facing last year's winner Lady GaGa in addition to Cheryl Cole, Ke$ha and Liam Gallagher.

16-year-old Justin will also face off against Cheryl in the Worst Album category. He gets the nod for his "My World" effort, while Cheryl received the nom for her "Messy Little Raindrops". Also pitted against the two were Katy Perry, Kings of Leon and My Chemical Romance.

While Justin are collecting the "worst" nods, winner of last year's villain Kanye West is up for three "best" categories. He landed nod for Best Solo Artist, Best Band Blog or Twitter and Hero of the Year. My Chemical Romance and Foals, in the meantime, collected the most nominations with five each.

Winners will be determined by voting on NME official site and will be handed their trophies during a ceremony at the O2 Academy Brixton on February 23. Beside recognizing the best and the worst in music, NME Awards also honors the best in TV and movie. Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl will be presented with Godllike Genius award.




Anonymous said... [Reply]

what? that's bullshit! :j

PurpleNinja said... [Reply]


I KNOW!!! :j
they are rude!! :c

notjm said... [Reply]

That's fucking shit. I'm a HUGE fan of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Justin Bieber being the worst = HAVE THEY EVER THOUGHT AND LISTEN TO HIM?! Lady Gaga being least stylish = HAVE YOU SEEN HER CLOTHES?! SHE'S TAKING FASHION TO A DIFFERENT LEVEL. The people who nominated Justin and Gaga are jealous of their fame.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

omg thats bull shit !!
justin is a wonderful person !
His personality is wonderful!
those who have voted that he is''the worst''are sick!
why justin?! watch him he is a wonderful person, you who have come to the decision you are sick! I notice that you did not know him, sick people
love you justin

Linette said... [Reply]


Linette from sweden !! said... [Reply]

Omg thats bull shit !!
Justin is a wonderful person !
His personality is wonderful !!
those who have voted that he is ''the worst'' are sick !
why Justin ?! whatch him he is a wonderful person , you who have come to the decision you are sick! i notice that you did not know him are ! sick people
love u Justin !
/ Linette

Anonymous said... [Reply]

wow.someone today who has some sense on music.ozzy forever

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Anonymous said... [Reply]

@Anonymousyou two are so right

Anonymous said... [Reply]

can we just shut up and listen to the music we like?Frankly, I prefer metal over this little girl.

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