16 January 2011

Justin Bieber making out with a fan

Do you think this is true? Do you think that guy in the pic kissing the girl really IS Justin? Let us know what you think and how you feel about this in the comment section of this post. ;)



Serena said... [Reply]

It is justin because in this photo while he was on set of CSI, (photo: http://j.imagehost.org/0621/justinedit1.jpg) look at his jacket/sweater. it's the same as the one he (or the poser) wore. And maybe that girl is that Christina girl. :n

Cory said... [Reply]

I think its him. Looks like the side of his face. But you never know maybe it isnt him :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

thats not JB.
@serena i saw this picture over a week ago before he was on CSI.
Justin's hair isn't that dark at the front

these last few weeks i have seen dozens of pictures and they were all fake.

caitlyn said... [Reply]

THOSE DONT LOOK LIKE HIS EYEBROWS. Justin's are short and doon't these look long or is it just me?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I would say its really him thats what i think..If that was a while ago befor him and selena..He is 16 alomost 17 he cant really have a steady girlfriend on tour so he saw a cute girl they talked then kissed hes a boy they all do it.. We just have to get over it there is nothing we can really do about it

Brooke.x said... [Reply]

Yeah it's definitely him,
But who cares hahah,
It was a long time ago,
And lucky her :)


Anonymous said... [Reply]

I don't think that's JB.

cassie said... [Reply]

I have 165 posters of JB hanging in my room, so I know what he looks like. LOL I don't think that is him.

AlexxLuffJB said... [Reply]

That's Not JB. His Hair Isn't Dark In The Front Like That. & Who Kisses a Gurl Like That ? It Looks Like He's Chewing Her Lips Off. That's Deff Not Justin !

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i don't know if he is at really...but i have no problem i prefer her(a fan)than selena(!)....it's better for us(the fans)to have a fan for girlfriend than a celebrity...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i dont think its him buh if it was it doesnt matter becuase its only normal for a 16 yr old boy to kiss girls and have girlfriend and to hang out with girls if he wasnt doing this stuff i wuld say something wuld be wrong :\

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i dont think its him cause look at his neck .... But if it was him...i would have loved to be this girl :r

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i think it is him coz he is a man whore :) xx

Anonymous said... [Reply]

it could b him but he has the right to date and kiss who he pleases if u were a real fan u would respect that:t

Anonymous said... [Reply]

he knows we want to know this stuff but he needs a private life too cant we all respect and understand that:t

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i don't think it's him somebody could have easily gotten there hair cut to look like his

jade said... [Reply]

i now hate jb bacasei just now find out that he was kissing a fan and it raele dshrod me so i will never fergiv jb ever a gen

jade said... [Reply]

now i hate him jusin bieber even more now that i find out he snuk out at 3am to go meet girls ps im 8

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