16 January 2011

justinbieber selenagomez jessicajarrel birthday party



Anonymous said... [Reply]

There also tweets from @tiaalesewong @sienna_s and @brandonsmithCEO.

Its so obvious that their dating and JB nad selena know that everyone knows about them so why don't they make it official ?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

maybe becuz they know how awkward it is! lol

Anonymous said... [Reply]

can't you just leave them alone!! maybe they dose'nt make it offical because they're just flirting or maybe they just want to have privat life!! why do belibers act like they have a right to know everything about him and his privat life?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

thank u thats wat ive been trying to tell people he has a right to date who he pleases and if beliebers r real fans they would respect that and be happy for him

Anonymous said... [Reply]

seriously people leave them alone im not a fan of selena but if they want to date they have a right to and ur not a real fan if u dont respect that I LUV U JUSTIN!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

She's so desperate and its kinda nasty..she's like 2 years older then him....Jessica jarrell and Justin Bieber make a cuter couple....Team JB and JJ.....SORRY SELENA BUT IM STILL IS A FAN AND UR STILL PREETY NO HOMO! LUV U JUSTIN

Anonymous said... [Reply]

:s Justine & Selena make a cute couple :t :r

Anonymous said... [Reply]

:s Justine & Selena make a cute couple :r

hasnat said... [Reply]

this is very shocking statement of justin bieber for his fans, lover that "No birthday bash" http://searchesntopics.com/2011/03/01/no-birthday-bash-justin-bieber/

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