04 December 2010

Better warn you first. This video is very disturbing.

My prayers are with Samuel and his family. How tragic.



meli said... [Reply]

OMG! i'm from germany and when i saw that on tv, i was shocked! i really hope he becomes healthy again! too bad justin is not going to perform on wetten dass! :n

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I was shocked too! I hope Samuel Koch will be fine soon.

caitlyn said... [Reply]

Who's Samuel Koch? What happened to him? What does he have to do with justin? Sorry the video isn't working and I'm not from Germany. lol

Caroline said... [Reply]

the video isnt working for meh either.. can someone tell meh who samuel koch is and what happened to him?

Meli said... [Reply]

Okay i'll try to explain what happend but please excuse my bad english :)
Samuel Koch has bet that he can jump over 5 cars with any special jump shoes.
It didn't really work and he fell pretty bad. So they have interrupted the show because they didn't want to go on without knowing how he feels.
He was taken to a hopital and he's better now. He is responsive and will become healthy again! Thank god!
But they have canceled the show anyway
I hope i could help you.

caitlyn said... [Reply]

thanks :)
What does he have to do with the show though?

Meli said... [Reply]

in the show, people bet that they can do differnt things and then you can vote for one contestant and the winner wins money.

Caroline said... [Reply]

thanks meli! tht cleared things up

Daisy said... [Reply]


Thanks Meli

caitlyn said... [Reply]

oh, okay. thanks :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family

antria_dance97 said... [Reply]

Now I'm afraid and I would love to know the health status of

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Here are some new facts about Samuel.

Samuel has fractures at the spine, which were stabilized with metal. He got paralysis and had an emergency operation. Please pray for him - THX.

Abir said... [Reply]

i am coming to your concert justin i love you so much

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