07 December 2010

Fan cries after being followed by @justinbieber on Twitter

How would you react if you found out Justin Bieber was following you on Twitter? @katiee_nicole freaked out (like most Beliebers probably would) and called her best friend crying, while filming the conversation so she could post it on YouTube.

Justin, who's nominated for two Grammys, followed Katie on November 24, but she explains that she didn't even notice the tears-of-happiness moment at first.

"This was really special for me because I've had a Twitter since 2009 and have tweeted Justin, literally everyday since I made my Twitter account. I would always get discouraged when I realized he hadn't tweeted me, or followed me. But I never gave up. At this point when ever I tweeted Justin I just assumed he wasn't gonna see it. But I still would," Katie said.

So how did she find out that he was following her on Twitter?

"Well someone tweeted that he followed me so I checked and he was so I got really excited, and called my bestfriend, I honestly don't know why I recorded it, I guess so I could just show my friends my reaction, and how happy I was," she told us.

So what would she tell Bieber if he could see only one of her tweets? "If he could only see one, I would want it to say that for being such a huge celebrity he seems down to earth and he really cares about his fans. And I hope to meet him someday!"

Want Biebs to follow you, too? Listen to how the Oregon native made it happen.

"That day I tweeted Justin maybe 5 times, and I didn't get a response or anything. I was talking to some other people so I kinda forgot about it. Then some girl tweeted me "JUSTIN BIEBER IS FOLLOWING YOU :D" I didn't believe her so I checked my followers, but I didn't see Justin's name so I tweeted back "Umm no he isn't :( i wishh!! :p" But some part of me thought maybe he was following me, so I tried to send him a private message and it worked, it went through. I went back to my followers and saw Justin's name, the 5th one from the top. I jumped up and started screaming!! I was in shock!"

Katie obviously called her bestie immediately. Check out the video. If Justin's following you, tell us your story!




Anonymous said... [Reply]

ummm faking it much???????

Stephanie said... [Reply]

"oh my god I'm shaking"
I KNOW I KNOW! U're shaking!
we heard that 1983048075 times in the vid xP
congrats tho!

gail-farr said... [Reply]

Justin is following me! He followed me on the 25 of November, 2010 ! I started shaking of course and couldn't beliebe my eyes !! But I didn't record a video to get more attention !! lol my twitter is gailfarrugiaJB

Anonymous said... [Reply]

So What I Cried Wen Justin Bieber Followed Me

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